Making an RNA copy from a sequence of DNA (a gene). Transcription is the first step in gene expression.

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  • Transcription factor

    A protein that controls when genes are switched on or off — whether genes are transcribed or not. Transcription factors bind to regulatory regions in the genome and help control gene expression.

  • Transcriptome

    The complete set of RNA transcripts produced by the genome at any one time. The transcriptome is dynamic and changes under different circumstances due to different patterns of gene expression. The study of the transcriptome is termed transcriptomics.

  • Transcriptomics

    The study of the transcriptome, the complete set of RNA transcripts produced by the genome at any one time.

  • Transdifferentiation

    1. The change of a cell or tissue from one differentiated state to another. 2. The differentiation of a tissue-specific stem cell into another type of cell as, for example, a bone marrow stem cell differentiating into a neuron.

  • Transducer

    An instrument that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A transducer can also act as a transmitter and receiver of ultrasound information.

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