Account for

Synonyms for account for
verb give reason for




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  • Account payable

    Synonyms for account payable noun outstanding account bill debt invoice liability tab balance due unpaid bill

  • Account receivable

    Synonyms for account receivable noun amount owing bill debt invoice receivable balance due

  • Accountability

    Synonyms for accountability noun responsibility liability answerability blameworthiness

  • Accountable

    Synonyms for accountable adj responsible for having done answerable culpable obliged liable obligated charged with on the hook Antonyms for accountable unaccountable blameless irresponsible unreliable untrustworthy innocent

  • Accountableness

    Synonyms for accountableness noun moral obligation liability charge loyalty burden accountability conscience faithfulness pledge amenability obedience allegiance reverence deference respect integrity honesty good faith devoir answerability call of duty Antonyms for accountableness dishonesty disloyalty treachery disobedience disdain disregard disrespect dishonor faithlessness irresponsibility inconstancy Synonyms noun answerability, responsibility duty culpability accountability burden obligation debt susceptibility onus […]

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