Synonyms for amen
interj so be it





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  • Ameliorative

    Synonyms for ameliorative adj healing curative beneficial salutary remedial good corrective restorative salubrious analeptic sanative Antonyms for ameliorative harmful injurious damaging hurtful hurting untherapeutic

  • Amenability

    Synonyms for amenability noun complaisance amiability compliance obedience submissiveness tractability acquiescence agreeableness amenableness deference compliancy cooperativeness good-naturedness accommodativeness Antonyms for amenability disobedience rebellion disagreement

  • Amenable

    Synonyms for amenable adj willing, cooperative responsive susceptible agreeable docile manageable obedient open persuadable pliable tractable acquiescent biddable influenceable Antonyms for amenable intractable nonconforming uncooperative unwilling irresponsible unaccountable unsusceptible not responsible unanswerable unchargeable Synonyms adj able to be judged; responsible answerable accountable liable chargeable subject Antonyms unaccountable irresponsible intractable nonconforming uncooperative unwilling not responsible unanswerable […]

  • Amalgamate

    Synonyms for amalgamate verb blend consolidate incorporate mingle alloy coalesce unite merge fuse combine meld compound integrate intermix admix ally pool network tie up come together hook up with interface join together team up tie in Antonyms for amalgamate disjoin disconnect divide part separate

  • Amendatory

    Synonyms for amendatory adj corrective emendatory improving reformative reformatory restorative bettering rectifying reparative

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