Synonyms for illicitly
adv illegally





Antonyms for illicitly



de jure

adv sold clandestinely


under the table



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  • Illicitness

    Synonyms for illicitness noun illegality wrong immorality lawlessness unlawfulness clandestineness illegitimacy

  • Illimitable

    Synonyms for illimitable adj endless amaranthine boundless ceaseless constant continual continuous countless deathless enduring eternal everlasting immeasurable immortal incalculable incessant indeterminate infinite interminable limitless measureless monotonous multitudinous never-ending numberless overlong perpetual unbounded unbroken undivided undying unending unfathomable uninterrupted unlimited unsurpassable untold no end of no end to self-perpetuating without end

  • Illiteracy

    Synonyms for illiteracy noun ignorance blindness incapacity darkness unconsciousness rawness fog unawareness simplicity innocence vagueness unfamiliarity bewilderment nescience oblivion dumbness disregard benightedness illiterateness naiveté philistinism unenlightenment uncouthness sciolism incomprehension callowness shallowness insensitivity denseness crudeness obtuseness empty-headedness half-knowledge inscience lack of education mental incapacity unscholarliness Antonyms for illiteracy cognizance understanding

  • Illiterate

    Synonyms for illiterate adj unable to read well; lacking education uneducated ignorant unenlightened ungrammatical unlearned unschooled untaught benighted uninstructed catachrestic inerudite solecistic unlettered unread untutored Antonyms for illiterate educated intelligent learned literate taught able

  • Illiterateness

    Synonyms for illiterateness noun ignorance benightedness bewilderment blindness darkness disregard dumbness fog illiteracy incapacity innocence naiveté nescience oblivion rawness simplicity unawareness unconsciousness unfamiliarity vagueness callowness crudeness denseness empty-headedness half-knowledge incomprehension inscience insensitivity lack of education mental incapacity obtuseness philistinism sciolism shallowness uncouthness unenlightenment unscholarliness

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