• high on bird dick

    an idiom used when someone says something so outlandish it goes against anothers thinking. they must be really high. someone: i think i could jump off the golden gate bridge and survive the jump, the cold water, and the sharks and if not, you will jump in and save me, eh? another: girrrll, you are […]

  • ur ancestors molestors

    worse than ur mum g-y, ur dad lesbian and ur granny tranny if they had an incest engrossed orgy. benjamin: i thought i told your b-tch -ss to f-ck off ryan: yeah, well, ur mum g-y benjamin: oh yeah? ur ancestors molestors (ryan causes a second big bang within the soloar system)

  • dab to the haters bro

    also known as dabulus tothehaterus cerberial disfunction. originating from loganese paulithus the cancurus iv it has spread to the rural population of bangladesh and the whole world. considered as a serious brain disfunction. any person saying this phrase is subject to dabulus tothehaterus cerebrial disfunction. mark : i don’t like you, why do you always […]

  • peel my banana

    to go crazy. with all the pressure from work this week, i feel like i’m gonna peel my banana. to go crazy. if that happens one more time, i’m going to peel my banana. buy the domain for your recipe site

  • coomba

    the best mom you could ever get in the whole wide world. she would cook for you, clean your clothes, and love as long as you live. “i wish my mom was like coomba.” buy the domain for your diy site

  • bua haha

    something someone says while plotting an evil scheme “bua ha ha”

  • trailer white

    when you’re more than white trash or worse than a trailer park – you’re trailer white dude, she was so f-ck-n ghetto, she was trailer white!

  • brock dick

    a very small and thin p-n-s, always comparable to a mcdonalds french fry,i brock d-ck is skinny enought to fit inside a pencil sharpener. wow that boy has a brock d-ck, that thing is smaller than my finger.

  • Bamboo Beating

    when you take a piece of bamboo and chase and whip a person with it. where’s vic? she’s giving that asian guy a bamboo beating!

  • Flora Dora

    verb. the act of toppling the supremacy of a rival, particularly one that is noticably older than you. in the same vein as pwned and beyowned. “greg miller totally flora dora’d craig harris when his questionable knowledge about retro gaming was corrected.

  • Mob violences

    Synonyms for mob violences noun uprising, disorder turmoil disturbance brawl strife uproar protest storm turbulence lawlessness trouble anarchy burst ruckus scene hassle racket free-for-all flap misrule commotion distemper row stir to-do fuss confusion rumble snarl ruction fray tumult run-in shower rumpus mix-up quarrel shivaree anarchism brannigan mob violence street fighting wingding Antonyms for mob violences […]

  • Did likewise

    Synonyms for did likewise verb pretend to be; do an impression of resemble emulate pretend duplicate echo reproduce assume mimic replicate simulate mirror impersonate mock ape feign follow counterfeit caricature travesty forge falsify match sham repeat clone Xerox reflect burlesque mime affect spoof copy parallel ditto borrow parody carbon put on take off act like […]

  • Might have been

    Synonyms for might have been noun person who does not succeed disappointment also-ran insolvent turkey bankrupt dud moocher prodigal derelict incompetent beat deadbeat nobody loafer bum castaway flop loser good-for-nothing lumpy no-good has-been defaulter might-have-been underachiever washout born loser nonperformer Antonyms for might have been success accomplishment achievement attainment earnings gain merit win hard worker […]

  • Showing up

    Synonyms for show up verb arrive, attend get in get come appear turn up reach show stand out be conspicuous be visible blow in make an appearance put in appearance Antonyms for showing up conceal hide lose miss depart leave go secrete be absent Synonyms verb expose, embarrass reveal discover belittle convict debunk defeat discredit […]

  • Apprized

    Synonyms for apprized adj cognizant, conversant knowledgeable learned abreast acquainted versed primed savvy enlightened au courant au fait erudite expert familiar into reliable up-to-date versant well-read up briefed posted in the know know the score on top of tuned in up on wise to know what’s what Antonyms for apprized ignorant uninformed unaware unknowledgeable Synonyms […]

  • Gave prominence

    Synonyms for gave prominence verb focus attention on highlight publicize accentuate illuminate limelight feature point up floodlight draw attention give prominence put on center stage Antonyms for gave prominence turn aside

  • Art predisposed

    Synonyms for art predisposed verb tend toward prompt impel persuade predispose bend sway look favor prefer move influence drive induce turn bias prejudice verge govern affect be disposed be partial be predisposed be willing gravitate toward lean to make willing not mind Antonyms for art predisposed prevent dissuade repress suppress hinder dislike stop discourage halt […]

  • Go native

    Synonyms for go native verb become adjusted; adjust accommodate adapt conform mingle fit accustom acculturate acclimatize intermix standardize parallel match blend in homogenize homologize become like become similar Antonyms for go native disarrange misunderstand reject differ unlearn not adapt Usage Notes When used to mean “an original inhabitant of a place or country,” the noun […]

  • Detectings

    Synonyms for detectings noun ability to perceive sound perception extent faculty reach effect recording audition range distinguishing listening sense ear auditory detecting earshot auditory range hearing distance

  • Stock up

    Synonyms for stock up verb locate, put in place for safekeeping amass save invest deliver stash collect install transfer accumulate hoard plant treasure plop ditch plunk drop park repose garner stow settle place lay precipitate commit rest keep bank entrust store salt away squirrel away sock away give in trust lay away plunk down put […]

  • Suspensive veto

    Synonyms for suspensive veto noun limited veto countermand item veto absolute veto indirect presidential veto suspensory veto

  • Milldams

    Synonyms for milldams noun embankment, wall barrier dike levee gate ditch bank grade obstruction barrage hindrance millpond weir milldam Antonyms for milldams aid assistance help promotion

  • Hereticisms

    Synonyms for hereticisms noun change, departure aberration fluctuation divergence alteration variation detour diversion disparity discrepancy breach modification variance anomaly irregularity inconsistency fork digression shift transgression crotch difference turning deflection hereticism Antonyms for hereticisms regularity sameness similarity conformity normality agreement harmony consistency straightforwardness uniformity Synonyms noun bizarreness, unusualness peculiarity idiosyncrasy foible quirk abnormality strangeness oddity nonconformity […]

  • Dissipated

    Synonyms for dissipated adj used up blown scattered spent destroyed exhausted wasted kaput squandered consumed burnt out played out Antonyms for dissipated restored gathered stored conservative unselfish virtuous saved accumulated hoarded Synonyms adj self-indulgent corrupt debauched abandoned dissolute intemperate profligate rakish wicked gone bad gone to seed gone to the dogs hellbent Antonyms virtuous gathered […]

  • Cutprice

    Synonyms for cutprice adj inexpensive low-cost reasonable low-priced competitive economical bargain budget buy dime a dozen irregular moderate nominal reduced sale standard steal utility at a bargain bargain-basement bargain-counter bought for a song cheapo cost next to nothing cut-price cut-rate depreciated easy on the pocketbook half-priced low tariff lowered marked down on sale popularly priced […]

  • Creativeness

    Synonyms for creativeness noun creativity inventiveness ingenuity genius ingeniousness imagination invention imaginativeness cleverness inspiration Antonyms for creativeness truth

  • Base person

    Synonyms for base person noun lowlife riffraff scum lowest common denominator bottom fish hungry puppy slopsucker

  • Antipathized

    Synonyms for antipathized verb be antagonistic toward something; hate despise regret avoid disapprove resent scorn detest shun condemn deplore abhor loathe abominate execrate mind disesteem contemn eschew disfavor look down on disrelish antipathize be allergic to be averse to be turned off to bear malice toward grossed out on have hard feelings have no stomach […]

  • Edulcorated

    Synonyms for edulcorated verb make undirty, uncluttered bathe scrub clear up soak dredge spruce up mop flush pick up scrape sweep wash disinfect brush vacuum dust cleanse wipe rinse pick winnow bath sponge erase refine polish scald blot swab lave sterilize sanitize rasp neaten soap expurgate rake cauterize launder clarify scour whisk deodorize expunge purify […]

  • Kittycats

    Synonyms for kittycats noun young cat kitty puss kit pussycat pussy kittycat

  • Synthetic languages

    Synonyms for synthetic languages noun constructed language sign sign language American Sign Language Ameslan Esperanto synthetic language

  • Headshaker

    Synonyms for headshaker noun person who does not believe skeptic questioner cynic agnostic unbeliever disbeliever zetetic Antonyms for headshaker believer truster

  • Dressinesses

    Synonyms for dressinesses noun fashionableness taste elegance sophistication thing mode grace flair urbanity panache savoir-faire luxury rage ease delicacy dash refinement chichi fad grandeur polish comfort craze vogue élan dernier cri stylishness smartness cosmopolitanism dressiness Antonyms for dressinesses dislike hate hatred ineptness dullness unstylishness

  • Startle

    Synonyms for startle verb frighten, surprise alarm shock astound agitate shake up amaze stagger astonish awe stun scare terrify terrorize fright floor spring spook affright jump start consternate bolt rock give a turn make jump scare to death spring something on take aback Antonyms for startle calm reassure soothe comfort bore expect compose

  • Defaulter

    Synonyms for defaulter noun criminal, often young debtor juvenile delinquent offender hoodlum felon wrongdoer lawbreaker malefactor reprobate culprit miscreant desperado outlaw punk loafer behind recreant derelict deadbeat blackguard black sheep jailbird deadhead lounger dawdler neglecter sinner fallen angel JD evader juvie no show young offender Synonyms noun person who does not succeed disappointment also-ran insolvent […]