when you are so bored you mash your key board and search it.
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  • ziggi

    this is when you “attempt” to drunkenly touch someone’s b–b. but actually you don’t do it, but everyone still says you did it. i promise i didn’t do it. watch out he just did a “ziggi”

  • doothie

    a donut and a smoothie put together, to create heaven! yum! that doothie tastes like heaven!

  • novaleigh

    a very unique and beautiful name for a little girl, pr-nounced nova-lee. my daughter novaleigh has beautiful blue eyes!

  • nice firm handshake

    a handshake so firm it rips the foreskin “hey johnny how’d the interview go?” “great! except the interviewer didn’t take a liking to my nice firm handshake.”

  • shrekbeard

    a neckbeard that has any and/or all features in common with shrek (i.e. sausage fingers, fat nose, fat face, small legs in comparison to body, ect) get your fedora-tipping shrekbeard chode-fingers off of me!

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