domestic justice

1:the name is self explanatory.
2: serving a woman what she deserves.
shane’s girlfriend karen was very loud and obnoxious and was always popping off at the mouth. talking down to him in public and making a scene in restaurants. one night shane got drunk and finally took his fathers advice, he served karen up a cold dish of domestic justice and she has been very pleasant to be around every since.

tammy arrived at my house heavily intoxicated for a party that started at 11am, she proceeded to scream and berate my amazon alexa and dance with her fupa being displayed in abundance. i took her into the bathroom and quickly explained that chris brown had not laid down the law properly and if she did not leave my home immediately she would be sleeping on the floor within 4 seconds.

she opened her mouth to complain so i laid her out cold.

justice was served accordingly.

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