Dreamers Awareness Day

‘dreamers awareness day’ is a new international holiday, mostly taking place on the internet, for the first time on the 11th july 2011. the purpose of the holiday is for those with dreams to believe in themselves, and take their dreams to the next level. so whatever dream you have, on 11th july work extra hard to make it happen by doing something big. this new international holiday is supported and publicized by the likes of justin bieber, who has tweeted about the day.
dreamer 1: oh hey, i have something to tell u
non-dreamer 1: what?
dreamer 1: i have a dream to become a…. singer
non-dreamer 1: hahahaha k whatever,
dreamer 1: -11th july uploads vid of them singing, gets hundreds of thousands of views on first day-

non-dreamer 1: so i saw your video on youtube…
dreamer 1: really? guess what, i got offered 5 recording contracts! without dreamers awareness day this wouldn’t happen 🙂
non-dreamer 1: i think i’ll take part in it next year. sorry i doubted you. believe in yourself!

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