the best equestrian discipline. everyone who rides horses does dressage to some degree, even if they refuse to admit it.

essentially is like ballet on horseback. (but much cooler)
a: heyyyy isn’t dressage cool? -dance horse, dance!-
b: no, not really.
ballet for horses…. the most refined and difficult horse riding out there… great to watch. if dressage was cheap and easy, it would be called western
a: so i went to a dressage show this weekend. those horses are amazing!
prancing around the living room naked
margaret was practicing dressage for nathan and the windows were open, -gasp-
an adjective used to describe something cl-ssy or just generally awesome. it can be adapted to cure one’s lack of a better word in most situations.
a: “how do i look”
b: “you might want to dressage yourself up a bit.”
a: ” wow…very dressage”
dressage is a stupid english riding sport. you make your horse do different things, such as walking, cantering, loaping, running, side stepping etc. usually only preppy girls compete in this sport, because they have nothing better to do then show how much money they have, and that dirt is gross. western riders laugh at these silly preppy english riding girls, cause they don’t know how to actually ride.
preppy girl #1: like ohmigosh! my finger nails are dirty, ewww!

preppy girl #2: gross, you actually touched your horse, during dressage!

cowgirl #1: are you kidding me?

– preppy girls stick they’re gross little pierced noses up, and get on they’re poor horses, that never get freedom.

the end.

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