Gamers and gamblers, unite! Your home doesn’t have to look boring anymore when you decide to decorate it a la gaming style, which is also your style! Step up your game (pun intended) in the design and home improvement aspect and show your friends, spouse and family that your space is worth all the gaming decorations, when done right.

Here are some pointers and ideas on how you can execute and set up your own home game room or online casino Singapore styled corners for the ultimate online casino gaming, and have everyone who pays you a visit nod in genuine approval.

#1 Have Natural Lighting


First thought: Isn’t a game room supposed to be dark and dreary? Not necessarily!

Natural lighting is good to keep a healthy balance between ensuring it is still your living space versus turning it into a full-time game or casino zone. And don’t worry, you still get to retain the cool (or some say, classy) gaming vibes even with the soft sunlight streaming into the space.

#2 Set Up Poker-Themed Casino At Home


Recreate the live casino Singapore feel at home with a dedicated poker table complete with poker chips, cards and wagers, if you will. You can set this piece in the living room, or if you have a dedicated game room, you can go all out with a poker-themed room with funky poker wallpapers or hang up poker-related photos and paintings on the wall.

#3 Sports Themed Room


Decorate with sports wallpaper based on your favorite sports betting game, be it football, golf, cricket, e-sports. You can also add a football or cricket bat as room decor, and have a large television screen in place to watch your favorite sports and cheer aloud.

#4 Have A Scoreboard In Place


Buy a portrait chalkboard and draw a scores table. Perfect for game night where you have to tally your winnings for any games imaginable – darts, football betting, cricket, you name it. Or well, simply have it for aesthetics!

#5 Get A Pool Table

Game rooms are usually incomplete without a pool table at least. You can get a large sized table if you have the space, otherwise a mini pool table looks cute at home!

#6 Go For Retro Arcade Style

You can never go wrong with retro games! Get arcade machines if you can afford them, and set them at a corner and call it your Home Arcade. Add on retro decors and wall decals to rev up the retro vibes.

#7 Decorate with Gaming Equipment


If you don’t know what to do with the shuttlecocks or table tennis paddles in your house, you can finally put them to good use. Consider sticking them as decors in the house to complement your game room design.

#8 Create Family-Friendly Game Corners

Perhaps you have kids at home yet the gamer in you is still very much alive. You can get the best of both worlds by making a kid-friendly game corner, with soft cushions and consoles and board games around.

#9 Go, Go Gaming Chairs!

What’s a game room without a comfortable gaming chair? Be sure to have a nice gaming chair added to your home game room – an ergonomic seat is always welcome especially for long gaming or online gambling hours!

#10 Sound Up

Spice up the game room surroundings with quality speakers to play your favorite tunes or gaming audio. This will make your gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable for sure.

#11 Gaming Theater For Your Next Gaming Tournament


A home gaming theater is a dream come true for online gamers and gamblers alike! Do it the simple way by setting up a quality projector screen, or go big by getting a huge home theater screen for that surreal gaming atmosphere. Don’t forget to have comfortable seats for you and your gamer guests as you spend the day, evening or night playing in endless excitement.


That’s a wrap on our 11 best inspirations for your game room or space at home. A poker-themed casino design seems the best in our opinion to stand out from the crowd but go for what works best for you. At the end of the day, it’s your own home game room – your place, your rule.