There are now so many gaming terms out there that it would almost seem like a second language to someone who is unfamiliar. For the most part, this is completely fine – not everyone needs to know gaming terminology like the back of their hands.

However, if you want to be a gamer yourself or just want to know what people are saying when watching gaming content on Youtube, then learning a few of the most important gaming terms is going to be well within your best interests, and we can almost guarantee you that you will be able to understand most gaming terms after you have read the entirety of this article. Let’s jump straight into it.


The question of “what is diff in Overwatch 2” has been circulating around the internet a ton as of late, and this is for good reason. Diff has always been a pretty popular term, but only recently has it garnered the traction and notoriety to be on a list akin to this.

To put it simply; diff stands for difference in skill. If a player was to put “DPS diff” in the chat, then this would indicate that said player is saying that the reason his/her team lost/won was because of the difference in skill between both team’s DPS (don’t worry if you don’t know what DPS means – this is something that we will cover later on).

Diff is a term that you are likely going to come across much more than you would like if you happen to be an avid fan of Overwatch 2, and in all likelihood, this term is going to crossover to other games in the near future.


AFK is a simple gaming term – but it’s also one of the most important to know. AFK simply means away from keyboard. If you were playing at an online casino in Canada and had to take a two-minute break because someone was knocking at the door, you would simply type something along the lines of “one second, AFK) to let all of your fellow players know that you are not currently playing.

AFK can be used for whatever gaming medium you may be playing – it doesn’t only apply to PCs or laptops like the name may suggest. AFK is one of if not the most widely used gaming terms, and no matter who you are, this one is a good one to have in your repertoire.


Roles in gaming may not necessarily count as terms – they are not something you would usually see crop up in an article listing all of the most popular gaming terms.

However, gaming roles are extraordinarily important, and if you do not know what they are as well as what other players are referring to when they say DPS/tank/support, then you are going to be incredibly limited in what games you can play.

To give you a brief explanation; DPS stands for damage per second and refers to players who have the role of dealing damage to an enemy team, tanks are supposed to soak up all of the damage and try to protect their team, and supports have to try and keep their team alive through healing and various other methods.

Knowing these three terms is essential as a gamer, and without them, you are not going to get very far.

We hope this article will be of some use to you. All three of the gaming terms we have mentioned today are widely recognized by gamers and used on a daily basis, and chances are, you are going to come across them more than just a few times if you happen to be a gamer yourself. See you in the next one.