Your credit score can have a large impact on your life, especially in a financial sense. Lenders and banks use the information presented on your credit report to determine whether or not you are approved for a loan. Many people face this issue when applying for auto loans for the first time, which can result in higher interest rates and loan denials.

There are many things that can hurt your credit score, including getting denied for loans. However, you can use online loans for bad credit to turn things around and raise your credit score and loan approval rating. There are also loans available for students with poor credit which can boost your credit score if you pay back on time. Before getting into how online payday loans for bad credit at Personal Money Network can benefit you, let’s discuss some of the things that can lower your credit score.

Making Late Payments

Your payment history is one of the top factors affecting your credit score, so making late payments can be detrimental. If you are late with payments on a consistent basis, your score will decrease over time. To maintain your score, bills that are reported to the credit bureaus should be paid when they are due.

Not Making Payments

Missing payments entirely can also lower your score, much more so than late payments. Every time you miss a payment, you are in danger of your account getting charged off.

Charged Off Accounts

When a creditor does not think you are going to attempt to pay the amount due to them, they can charge off the credit account. This generally means that the creditor will negatively report your account to credit bureaus and may result in further action, including pursuing collections.

Collections Seizing Your Account

It is common practice for creditors to use third parties to collect debts from individuals that have not paid them in full. This can happen either before or after your account has been charged off. When an account is in collections, it shows a lack of responsibility and lenders may not want to work with you.


When a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments, which are payments made to the creditor that provides the home loan to an individual, foreclosure is a possibility. When a lender forecloses on a home, they attempt to recover the debt that is remaining by either selling or taking ownership of the home.

How Can Payday Loans Help?

Payday loans are short term loans that are meant to be paid off by your next pay period. They are often for low amounts, so you shouldn’t have an issue paying off the full amount borrowed when your payment is due. When used properly, payday loans can be a huge benefit to individuals with bad credit.

Use it for Quick Cash

Life continues moving forward even if your credit score doesn’t budge, which makes it hard to get the things you want and need in life. Payday loans are processed quickly, so you can get money as soon as the next day. Once it has been received, you can use it for whatever you want.

Payday loans can be used to pay off debts, begin or finish home remodels, pay medical bills, buy a vehicle – anything. As long as you can pay the loan back, there is no need to worry.

Handle Emergencies

Payday loans are also handy in emergency situations, so you won’t have to scramble and empty your bank account should a problem arise. Whether you are facing temporary unemployment or something unfortunate has occurred, your finances will be covered with a payday loan.

Increase Credit Score

As mentioned above, payday loans can be used to pay off debts or catch up with utility and household bills. Keeping up with payments and getting rid of debt are two activities that will steadily raise your credit score over time. As you pay off your loans as well as additional debts, you will become more attractive to potential lenders.

Once your score has significantly improved, you’ll be much more likely to get the loans you want and need. Home an auto loans become more likely than ever before, so you can move on to a new chapter in your life.

As you can see, there are many things that hurt your credit score. One of the main themes is not keeping up with payments, so work to make sure you are able to pay all of your debts. If you find yourself falling behind, one of your options is to use a payday loan to cover your expenses until you can get ahead once again.