It feels good to enter a bathroom that always looks elegant, fresh, and energized. A lot of features go into making this space as wonderful as your imagination. You can plan an extensive renovation for it to change everything with new and modern. Or, you can add just a few attractive designs to rekindle its warmth and style. Homeowners often walk down the second path because it requires little effort and budget to produce impactful results. In that context, you can browse the option of vessel sinks. These can be an attractive and stylish addition to your private room.

You can go through the collection of a Kraus USA vessel sink design for an experience. Anyway, even if you have one, you can be interested in enhancing its presence a little more. For that, you may have to work on the selection of the vanity base. Vanities for vessel basins come in many shapes and forms, which can be quite overwhelming for any user. But you have to focus on getting the right choice above everything else, regardless of whether you have to buy a vessel sink or have one already. Here are some considerations that can help you secure the best thing.

Shopping for a vanity for vessel sink


For a vessel sink, you would need a 31-inch vanity. Usually, these vary from 32 to 36 inches in height. Hence, it will be better to get a custom design. Do you have kids in the house? You would want to ensure comfortable and safe access for them too. While a stepping stool can solve this problem, many households opt for lower height vanities also. You can take a call based on your preference. Still, the first alternative seems wise. Tall people can have a smooth experience with a vessel sink on a standard vanity. It doesn’t create pressure on their back.


Another factor that deserves your attention is the vanity size. Some people like to have a massive countertop, whereas some believe that even a small vanity can be useful as it allows for free space. You can decide your choice based on your bathroom habits. Will it be okay for you to have only essential items like toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap in the sink area? In that case, a small vanity base can serve your needs efficiently. However, you will need a larger one if you like to store makeup, hairdryer, brushes, face cleansers, and other items also in the same area.

Vanities can accommodate your varied needs through different constructions, such as shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Modern bathrooms can appear attractive with open shelving. For a touch of sophistication, you can rely on drawer and cabinet looks, though.

According to interior experts, space will be the ultimate determiner. You can opt for a large or small vanity based on whether there is enough space for it or not. Even if you choose a small vanity, you don’t need to feel disappointed. You can add storage through drawers and cabinets.

Types of vanities

As hinted once, options are galore. So, you only have to make up your mind by focusing on the actual needs and situation. For example, a bathroom with a traditional aura can easily do with a light brown wood cabinet or vanity. Something with six straight legs, two drawers with long metal hardware, and nooks for two medium size wicker baskets can be unique. On its rectangular top, you can place a clear glass sink for optimum effect. However, if you want to build a contemporary décor with your glass vessel sink, you can choose a vanity base with a metal shelf and semicircular glass shelves. Its sleekness and simplicity can be eye-catching.

Or, do you want to give your bathroom a worn-out look? White porcelain or ceramic vessel bowl on a rustic vanity top can tap into this. Choose distressed wood vanity finish and pair it with a white bowl to define a classic charm. You can use the wall behind it for a mirror. If you saw it somewhere, some bathroom interiors also feature a porcelain sink, light wood vanity table, and an old mirror to replicate an intoxicating mix of Scandinavian, contemporary, and rustic appeal. Is it what you desire to incorporate in your bathroom?

Important decisions

The endless vanity top range can help you give your sink area and the overall bathroom a new and fresh air. You only have to ensure that you pick the right textures, finishes, sizes, and heights. For example, a dark-toned vanity cabinet with a light-colored sink can balance the overall impact of lighting and mood. Or, you can use it as an opportunity to show off your creative thinking. To be precise, you can think of your small bathroom as a challenge for its design. But the choice of vessel sinks helps you meet even this with an elan. How?

Since it is a vessel sink, it doesn’t need too much space to settle down. Anything that can support its weight and size can become the perfect choice. In that sense, suppose you have a tiny corner in the bathroom to accommodate it. Adding wood cabinets or tables can make this area quickly crowded. To maintain its lightness, you can place a thick, curvy glass shelf with a metal pillar and put your sink on it. One end of the rack can have a small hole to support another smaller glass shelf stand where you can keep a few essentials.

Going for extensive upgrades may not be possible every time. But small changes from time to time can yield excellent design and décor results. You don’t have to wait for things to become old and useless so that you can justify your renovation decision, while gradual additions and tweaks can prove magical. Hence, you can keep an eye on such opportunities to keep your bathroom always looking fresh and vibrant. You don’t have to spend too much also. Within a small budget, you can achieve a lot.