Discovering a trusted online casino is one thing, possible to be simplified with no deposit bonus codes 2022 Australia; putting your skill (and luck) to good use is another, but without the ability to seamlessly withdraw winnings, all your effort would be for nought. Unfortunately, there are a lot of possible delays that could come up when this critical time approaches. Many online gamblers are superstitious and really skittish about such delays. Any waiting time period considered too long could be an implication of bad omens or lack of trust. In most cases, though, there are logical reasons for delays in withdrawing winnings. The trick to quick withdrawals is knowing the red flags to avoid putting up, the green flags casinos look out for, and all the requirements to satisfy beforehand.

Why Can Withdrawals be Delayed?

It’s no secret that deposits go through super quick, but withdrawals seem to take forever. There are reasons for the fate of the latter. Obviously, if you want your winnings as quickly as possible, it makes sense to get familiar with the issues that would NOT make that a reality. We have created a list of such things. If you feel any of the items on the list below is applicable to you, your withdrawals may not be smooth. Here they are:

  • More than one account on the same platform. Online casinos require users to possess a single account for all their activity. Following any suspicions that this requirement is being overlooked, your money may be seized or delayed.
  • Verification. Online casinos might not ask for verification before deposits, but they would definitely need it to process withdrawals. Any problems with your details here may cause delays. Verifications usually concern both age and identity so, be wary.
  • Incorrect withdrawal info. Getting your details right is important. If you are using a card, a delay may be the result of any mistakes. However, if you’re withdrawing into a cryptocurrency wallet, your money would be lost FOREVER.
  • Discrepancies in information. Discrepancies between your account details and withdrawal method are potential red flags for these casinos. An example is different addresses on the gambling account and the card you may be using.
  • Funny business with bonuses. Bonuses are a marketing tactic, and they can really improve your profitability. Discover 5 great bonuses to help your bankroll grow. Despite this, though, it would be flagged if you have abused any of the bonuses available. In such cases, withdrawals may be delayed or blocked.
  • Location problems. These can occur in two ways. The first includes any problems a withdrawal method could face within your geographical location. The second involves the location alone. License requirements may restrict a casino to certain locations. Bypassing those restrictions through VPNs would make your earnings and withdrawals illegal.

Withdrawal Options Usually Offered by Online Casinos

There are many potential methods of paying out winnings, and some casinos make a name by offering a lot of these. However, most casinos don’t offer all, and you would need to have an idea of the convenience and speed of whichever one you pick. Some of the most popular withdrawal options are:

  • Wire/bank transfers
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Electronic wallets
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Credit cards
  • Checks
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • Money orders

How to Quickly Withdraw Your Winnings

One of the things usually overlooked by online gamblers playing on bonuses is the bonus requirements. There are often wagering requirements to be met before winnings can be withdrawn. Until those are met, it would be impossible to cash out. Once they are met, though, the following steps should help you secure your winnings:

  1. Login to your account with the casino.
  2. Go to the banking section/withdrawal options and select a withdrawal method. Note the fees and terms that are being offered for your chosen option.
  3. Select the amount to be withdrawn.
  4. Provide any documents/information required if you haven’t supplied them before.
  5. Click process and wait through the estimated time for your winnings to be paid. The waiting time would vary with the method, and there is no reason to worry or complain until the time has elapsed. If all steps are done right, there will be no added delay.

Withdrawal the Safest to Employ

It’s very difficult to completely assess the safety of the withdrawal options available because many are largely dependent on the trustworthiness and security of the casino. That said, the safer they are, the less likely that issues capable of delaying your payout would crop up. Generally speaking, cryptocurrencies are considered to be very safe and anonymous, and keeping money in them heartens a gambler like cozy games that help us to survive. An extra safety tip to note if you’re going to be employing them would be to use a separate wallet for your withdrawals. Wire transfers are also high on safety because they go straight to your bank accounts with little fuss. Things get trickier when your payouts are to be received through e-wallets (which are relatively easier to hack) or credit cards (where the info is more sensitive/damaging to share). In summary, if you want to be safe, research your casinos well and only play in the most secure of them.

The Fastest Withdrawal for Payouts

As we have stated, all withdrawal options vary from one another in the mechanisms they utilize. Of more importance to players and prospective players, though, are variations such as fees, waiting times, payout limits etc. The universally accepted, fastest options for casino withdrawals (and casino banking in general) seems to be cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Some casinos payout in cryptocurrencies within a day, and most complete transactions within 48 hours. Withdrawing into an e-wallet may even be faster, but direct transfers, checks and credit cards may take as long as 7 business days.

As regards fees, your best bets would be cryptocurrencies and credit cards. Both rarely include fees, and when they do, they are relatively little. Every other payout option employs fees that would depend on the specific agents mediating the transaction and the size of your withdrawal. Note that cryptocurrencies tend to offer the highest payout limits as well.

Final Thoughts

Even the most trusted casinos may have grey areas in their banking operations. It isn’t uncommon to come across enterprises that are lax on identification and verification until time for payouts. The same goes for age restrictions. However, these grey areas are just that because terms and conditions are available for potential players to read. Rather than being in a hurry, it is advisable to read what you are accepting.

Also, many fall into the trap of thinking they can spot loopholes in the workings of these casinos. The truth of that is in the results; there are more people complaining about inaccessible winnings than there are casinos suing gamblers. If an obvious loophole exists, it might be evidence that a casino isn’t all that trustworthy. We would advise you to stay on the safe side and patronize casinos that seem professional and trustworthy. Those should be your watchwords in the online gambling sphere; professionalism and trust because they are the biggest indicators of operational value and ethics. On that note, we wish you profitable gambling sessions and quicker payouts.