Casino games are one of the world’s most recognizable forms of entertainment. Players around the world enjoy a bevy of exciting and unique titles, from slots to poker to sic bo. In fact, casino games are so ubiquitous that they can be accessed at both larger-than-life casinos and from virtual providers straight on a mobile device.

But just because these games are readily available, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a learning curve. Because most casino games have been around for a while (if not centuries, as with games like blackjack and roulette), they each have their own unique list of terms. For newcomers, these terms and phrases can be a little confusing.

A sticky bonus, for example, is a slang term for a play bonus, which is a type of bonus offered only at online casinos. These are meant to allow players to sample games, but won’t payout. But only long-time casino players would learn this type of phrase. If you’re new to casino gaming, then take a few shortcuts with this list of important casino terms and phrases.

RTP (Slots)

The definition of casino RTP is literally return to player. This stands for the number of times a game will pay out per every 100 spins, which is expressed as a percentage. So, if you play a slot game with an RTP of 96%, that means that the game will pay out 96 times for every 100 spins. RPT also conveys the slots’ house edge, which is an important point to consider when shopping around for a new slot game to play. Typically, players seek out slots with RTPs of over 95%.

Bankroll (Casino)

This refers to the total amount of money that a player has to spend while playing, not to finance someone else. While a bankroll might not seem like a big deal, there are tons of best practices for managing a bankroll in order to make the money go further. Additionally, some players might adopt betting strategies that are designed to help them recoup or salvage what’s left of their bankroll.

Aggregate Limit (Casino)

This odd term covers the total amount of money that a casino will pay out for a single hand. Typically, casinos set this limit to protect themselves from larger wins. Keep in mind that aggregate limits are different for every casino brand.

Croupier (Roulette)

A croupier is the French term for a dealer. You may see this term used to describe any dealer, though it’s most often used in relation to roulette. Today, roulette dealers in the US at both online and in-person establishments may still be referred to as a croupier. (Cinephiles may also recognize this term from the late 90s neo-noir film.)

RNG (Virtual Casinos)

The definition of an RNG is random number generator. RNGs are programs that are designed to generate totally random results. These are necessary components for virtual casino games, as they introduce the element of chance. They’re used at every single online casino to ensure randomization.

Bonus Hunting (Virtual Casinos)

This refers to players who exclusively seek out casino bonuses before playing. Because the casino bonus is a common way for brands to onboard new players, there are tons of options to choose from on the market. Keep in mind that the best type of bonus is a deposit match or a no-deposit bonus.

Break (Blackjack)

Most casino games have their own unique term for losing. In blackjack, to break is to bust, which means the player goes over the total amount of 21 and loses the round. Remember that to break is different than to split, which refers to separating two aces into two separate hands.

Push (Table Games)

To push in a table game is to tie. This is often something that a dealer says to conclude a round of play. The term is most often used in blackjack to signify that the player and dealer ended up with the same value at the end of the round, but it’s sometimes used in other games.