CBD Oil For Horses Who Perform

A typical day of work can be laborious for a horse, but training and performing can be exhaustive and stressful physically and mentally for the animal. CBD oil or cannabidiol is a compound that has been found to offer a multitude of benefits for animals of varied species for wellness. Equines are fast becoming part of that mix with equestrians finding it to be a safe option for helping with symptoms of chronic health-related issues brought on by the competitions.

CBD Oil For Horses

Animals, including horses, and humans share a similar endocannabinoid system or ECS composed of cells that bind with cannabinoids, particularly CBD. The compound stimulates these receptors, in turn, helping to regulate body function, including things like pain sensation, mood, appetite, and the immune system. Click to learn the fundamentals of CBD Oil.

Research studies have been focused on the effects on humans. Still, with comparable ECS, some research on domestic animals, and anecdotal reports, studies are beginning to concentrate on benefits for horses and more species. Purported CBD properties boast as helping to manage digestion, inflammation, mood, stress, pain, anxiety, and possibly more for equine.

** Chronic Pain/Arthritis

Equines who perform are particularly prone to degenerative disorders and chronic pain with ailments like arthritis due to their massive size and build. In addition, athletic horses endure exceptional stress and anxiety in training, travel, and performance.

  • Pain Relief: In most cases, prescription pain medication is provided to stave episodes of chronic joint pain or diagnosis of arthritis. These give harsh side effects to the animal, often leading to sedation and lethargy hindering competitive activity. Cannabidiol so far offers minimal to no side effects for animals when dosed appropriately.
  • Inflammation: With degeneration and joint pain, horses experience swelling and soreness in the muscles and joints. Among the most beneficial properties CBD offers is its potential to reduce inflammation, in turn, relieving pressure and decreasing pain.

Cannabidiol works to target the pain receptors in an effort to eliminate the signal transition through nerve cells allowing greater mobility for the animal without the pain response. In doing so, the equine is better prepared to practice and perform with no interruption and doesn’t need to suffer the consequences following a competition.


A competitive equine needs to stay focused in terms of competing. Among the Common health concerns for these athletes is they often become anxious and nervous before their activities, not to mention traveling to the show. Cannabidiol is well known to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. It touts as relaxing animals, including horses allowing them to reach a point of calm and develop optimum concentration.

  • Mental Clarity:  A horse’s emotional health is of utmost importance. In order for a performance to go smoothly for the animal and the rider, there need to be no distractions. If the horse is skittish of the audience and the surrounding environment, he won’t be able to concentrate on the competition.

CBD oil purportedly relaxes animals with no sedating or sluggish reaction. It merely calms, allowing for focus on the activity and relaxation following.

** Digestive Health

An athlete needs to maintain a healthy diet. Equines are restricted by a grain-only nutritional guideline exposing them to digestive problems like bloating, indigestion, nausea, decreased appetite, ulcers, among other issues. With an active lifestyle, these animals are at a disadvantage with a considerably higher chance of poor digestive health.

  • CBD boasts incredible anti-inflammatory properties to attack harmful microorganisms introduced from the grains consumed.
  • The compound reduces symptoms of nausea, in turn, helping stabilize appetite management. It can purportedly counteract the irritation brought on by the consumption of grains only by decreasing the “intestinal mucosal” sensitivity to the nutritional plan.

Final Thought

The athletic horse endures physical and mental strains different from the typical working horse. Cannabidiol properties purportedly help with the stresses placed on the body and mind by easing inflammations, relieving aches and pains muscles and joints are exposed to, and calming nerves allowing for focus with the competition.


You can find CBD products specifically made for horses with online suppliers like https://www.holistapet.com/ . These suppliers are knowledgeable and helpful in informing the public about cannabidiol in an effort to educate, so equestrians, for example, can make an educated decision in the best interest of their companions.

Another resource is the animal’s vet. It’s wise to have a consultation before administering the compound to ensure there is no interference with potential underlying conditions or interact with current medications. The products have the potential to enhance a ‘pet’s’ overall quality of life. For a competitive animal, that’s especially important.