When one is looking to buy a new home, many prefer, first of all, the more generous spaces. The problem is that people don’t always find them and have to settle for smaller, cramped homes.

In the case of small places, the decoration options are extremely limited, but not impossible. The living rooms with different subdivisions, the small bedrooms, the long and narrow kitchens and the bathrooms of smaller size make people believe they have no chance for a decoration like they see on Pinterest. And yet, it is possible!

Knowing how to take advantage of every corner and every little space with decorative potential, one will be able to make their dream of having a harmonious house from an aesthetic point of view, come true. Take a look into some life hacks now!

Add mirrors to make a room look bigger

You will say that adding mirrors to create the illusion of a larger room is not a new decoration trick, and you are absolutely right. But only after you have practically resorted to introducing them, be it the living room, bathroom or bedroom, will you find that it is one of the most transformative ways to create the feeling of space. Not only does this trick create the illusion of a larger space, but it also reflects light, making an even greater contribution to a single-window or smaller-window room.

If you plan to add framed mirrors to your room, find out that style really matters. Not only does a mirror maximize the space and light in a room, but it also doubles whatever is in it. You will always want the mirror to reflect a clean and beautiful space, so our advice would be to keep it uncluttered. A large mirror is itself a focal point of a room, so it would be good to focus on decorating a different area to avoid unnecessary crowding.

One of the most unexpected styling tricks that works is installing a large glass chandelier. We always try to make a bigger room, but we must never forget that we can also lengthen it too. Everything that looks up plays an important role in the vertical plane of space, giving the illusion of a higher room than it really is.

Forget the gallery walls and try a curtain wall instead

When we noticed that some specialists play with the idea of ​​a “curtain wall”, we were very distrustful, maybe because we have never heard of this design trick. Soon, however, we discovered that installing curtains from floor to ceiling to cover a simple wall, makes the room look less like a “box.” Curtains are a cost-effective way to add instant architecture to any room.

They allow you to experiment with different textures and expand a smaller space while maintaining interest. If you choose a gallery wall, with many framed photos hanging at relatively short distances from each other, you will find that not only will the space be smaller, but also more cluttered due to the multitude of frames of different sizes and shapes.

If you intend to approach the idea of ​​a curtain wall yourself, the designers recommend paying special attention to the length of the rod and its installation. This mini-project involves several aspects, such as the use of the right anchors and tools, but it is also important to ensure that the bottom of the curtain will be at the ideal distance from the floor.

Layer accessories

One of the most common mistakes is the idea that having fewer items in a room will make it look bigger. It seems that, in fact, the exact opposite is true: every time you use a new accessory, such as a tray, a few books on the coffee table, or several desk lamps, you create small vignettes or “moments” by which you will make the space look bigger. The trick is to always choose a place you want to land your gaze. Ask yourself: what is the first thing you want to highlight, and start from there.

Another major mistake- choosing the wrong carpet. Ironically, people tend to think that a smaller room needs a smaller carpet. Break the rules and choose a larger rug for a tiny space. It’s a great opportunity to make a room feel more interesting.

Reassess your “displays”

Each apartment has its own whim! An uninspired color of kitchen cabinets, for example, can be straightened with a new coat of paint, such as a soft orange. You probably think it’s a too bold shade, but we assure you that a new face given to some of the elements with a wide “display” will change the whole atmosphere in the blink of an eye. No color is too bright or too eccentric, on the contrary, it is a factor from which you can start the whole arrangement of a room.

One more tip: don’t be shy about using bright colors even in small apartments, especially in small apartments. They will soon become the much-needed focal points. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint on cabinets or walls to feel the whole space transformed. When thinking about a successful decoration, clean your space THROUGH the way you think!

You can make a bright color accent with the help of the furniture, and to find the perfect one piece we can recommend you nyfurnitureoutlets.com.

If you are not very sure that these strong shades would benefit you, give the cabinets a new look by using the (non) color white, so common and yet so vivid. Everything will become brighter and look more expressive. This is one of the most effective ways to make a kitchen luxurious, undated, and, effectively, ageless.

If you plan to approach the project on your own, pay attention to the preparation process, making sure that you use a high-quality paint, prepare the surface before applying it for better adhesion and, last but not least, apply two or three layers, so that you get the expected effect. DO NOT forget that there are many shades of white, as in any color, and that you can also enjoy their matte variants. The matte finishes are excellent in their ability to hide any traces of imperfections on the surfaces, being easy to retouch and clean when necessary. Matte white tends to feel softer, more subtle and sophisticated at the same time.

Don’t take everything so seriously

There is a great possibility that when the decoration is finished, the apartment will look completely different than you imagined. Don’t be too harsh with yourself! If you opt for a design project on your own, stop throughout the decorating process and rethink every decision.

On the other hand, working with a reliable designer will not only relieve you of all the pressure during the project, but will also impress you with a setting that you probably would not have succeeded on your own.

Regardless of the option you choose, and depending on the available budget, it is essential that, when you enter your new home, you no longer see a small and cramped space, but an overflow of favorite colors, a pleasant corner of relaxation, the marble coffee table you’ve wanted for so long, and other such items you’ve longed for all your life and never thought you had enough space for.