Over seven trillion dollars – it is estimated that this value may be reached by the global e-commerce market in 2025. That is why it is worth considering now how to get a piece of this cake.

It might seem that e-commerce is created exclusively for retail customers, however the period of the pandemic allowed us to verify beliefs of all kinds. Organizations tried to transfer as many activities as possible to the Internet practically overnight. Where there is a need, a solution also appears, which is why digitization has also reached the door and window joinery industry.

What are the benefits of using e-commerce platforms?

Higher and faster sales

You can sell much more products over the Internet than you could do over the phone or during a customer visit to the company. Importantly, the customer can go through the entire purchase process on his own, even without anyone’s help.

Significantly lower costs of running a business

Much less resources will be spent, for example on displaying goods, including the maintenance of facilities that would have to be intended for this purpose. We are also not limited by the potential lack of available space, so you can freely expand the offer and quickly expand the range.

Time saving

If we have traveled to the customer before, we will certainly appreciate the facilitation of presenting the online offer. Thanks to the appropriate tools, we can completely remotely guide them through the entire purchasing process.

Scaling up the business

In a much simpler way, we can promote ourselves in other markets and organize the sale of our products abroad. This will help us in the dynamic development of the company.

Virtual Office

Access to a complete set of information at any time and anywhere in the world is a great help and convenience. You no longer have to manage your business in a real office, you can always have it at hand.

Sounds fantastic, just how to do it?

To digitize processes in the company, we have two options: either we will invest money in creating our own solutions, or we will use those that exist. The second option is definitely cheaper and faster.

However, there are still doubts about the knowledge required to carry out digitization. We believe that each company has different needs and therefore each situation should be considered separately.

We have already helped hundreds of companies in different European markets to implement e-commerce solutions. If you are interested in the subject of digitization of activities in the joinery industry, more information is available on our landing page. Find out how you can implement similar solutions in your organization!