If you look back at the history of relationship trends, you can see how much the rules and principles have changed. Long gone are the days when one was forced to follow a single script when it came to romantic relationships. Today, there is no need to commit and get married straight away to feel loved and needed or simply to satisfy a sexual need.

People tend to have an easier attitude toward relationships and sex, particularly when getting older. Hence, such phenomena as friends with benefits appeared, and it’s more common than one might think, especially, as statistics show, among singles over 40.

What Is It and Where to Find FWB Partners

The term “friends with benefits” (FWB) describes two people in a sexual relationship without emotional attachment; it’s also known as “hooking up.” Friends with benefits relationships are becoming more and more common in today’s society, where people are too busy for long-term romantic connections. And singles over 40 are usually one of those who prefer this kind of relationship – it’s simple and doesn’t require too much of your energy.

Thousands of mature women and men worldwide are using dedicated mature sex sites nowadays, making use of modern technology to find new friends who can also help them release the stress without the need to commit. This is a perfect way of connecting with someone like-minded locally since these platforms are made especially for those seeking hookups nearby, helping their users find the most accurate results.

Pros of Friends with Benefits Relationships

Knowing what is friends with benefits is important to navigate this dynamic. The purpose of this kind of relationship is to have fun, but there are some rules. The rules are simple: communication, dates, and other activities are not mandatory. If you want to make the most of such a connection, you need to know what to expect before getting involved. Be honest with yourself about what you want from a partner, and go after it!

Being in such a relationship when you are over 40 has its own pros, as well. First and foremost, having a friend with benefits allows you to focus on your life goals like career and self-development while still having someone trusted to have sex with. There’s no drama or unnecessary misunderstandings because both of you don’t need anything long-term.

Hooking up in bars and clubs has its charm for sure, but having sex with strangers usually causes a long list of pretty bad consequences, including STDs and stuff. And if the younger generation usually tends to be more adventurous, always seeking something new, mature people prefer stable connections with someone reliable, even if it’s just sex.

How to Attract FWB Partners When Dating Online

Since this kind of relationship is pretty common nowadays, it’s important to know some tricks to attract the most compatible people when seeking new partners. Say you use a dating platform for mature people – mentioning on your profile that you’re seeking FWB is vital to avoid messages from those who want a one-time thing or a serious commitment.

Make sure to appear funny and friendly – you’re looking not only for sex but for a buddy too, after all. Write about yourself a bit, tell a hilarious story, and be completely honest. Honesty and open-mindedness are the most attractive traits when it comes to the FWB dynamic.

And don’t forget to add a few pictures of yourself from a recent vacation or photos of you doing your hobby – these are perfect conversation-starter topics!