A lot of things come to mind when the average person thinks of video games, including words like fun and entertainment. While these descriptions of video games are accurate, there’s a lot more to playing video games than having a good time. Scientific studies have shown that video games foster creativity and encourage creative thinking. Since almost all video games require critical thinking to some degree, it’s not a leap to think they could boost our skills in other areas. If you’re hoping to improve your creativity by playing video games, some games may be better than others. Keep reading to learn about some of the games that’ll help get your creative juices flowing.

Casino Games

Slots, baccarat, blackjack, and poker were once the exclusive domain of land-based casinos, but advances in technology have led to online casinos that realistically recreate the in-person experience. While all casino games require some creative thinking to be successful, none encourages creativity, quite like poker. Players can refine their skills while playing three-card poker, Texas hold ’em, and other popular variations of the popular casino game live from the comfort of their homes. From the famous poker face to reading their opponents, players display their creativity in many ways when playing the many variants of this classic casino game. Showing up at an online casino isn’t enough to win at poker; you have to play in a way that prevents your competition from predicting your moves and adjusting their strategy.


Chances are you’ve heard about Minecraft even if you’ve never played it. You can build almost anything in the game’s open world, allowing your mind to run wild with possibilities. Your imagination determines how far you go in the world of blocks. The gameplay is centered on destructible 3D blocks that you can turn into almost anything you want. As you explore Minecraft’s world, you’ll have to maintain your health as you fight off monsters that come out at night. There’s also a casual mode that lets you skip the fighting and just enjoy the world around you.

Little Big Planet

While our planet seems to put a lot of emphasis on getting more likes on Instagram posts, in Little Big Planet, your focus will be entirely different. You’ll move from left to right in this side scroller as you explore different surfaces and search for hidden objects as you work to reach the end of each level. The joy in this game comes from the satisfaction you experience while working through the in-level puzzles that are scattered throughout the game. When you solve a puzzle, the game rewards you with a sticker that allows you to unlock more puzzles and rewards as you continue to play the game. You can even put your imagination to use to create your own levels, like in Minecraft.

Super Mario Maker

If you’re a fan of the Super Mario Brothers franchise, you’ve probably dreamed of designing your own maps and levels in the game. Super Mario Maker allows you to do just that and encourages you to unleash your creativity in the process. When you play in single-player story mode, you can explore built-in courses and rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can build your own courses on your own or with friends. Once you’ve finished, you can share your creations with others and access their courses via Nintendo multiplayer online.

The Sims

Considered by many to be the ultimate real-life simulation game, the Sims is a classic that’s stuck around for years due to its creative gameplay. The game allows you to create a perfect house and watch your Sims live out their lives in front of you. You’re responsible for making every decision for your Sim, and the decisions you make determine how their life plays out. What you do in the game will determine everything from your Sim’s career to when they go to the bathroom. As with all of the games on this list, you’re only limited by your imagination.