Flirting in-person is hard enough, let alone trying to flirt with a sexy guy through the confines of your phone screen! Of course, since online dating continues to get more popular (and anyone who’s “in-the-know” has at least one profile somewhere!), flirting online is a skill worth picking up. Trying to meet men at the club is OK, depending on where you go, but why should you settle for subpar guys when you could score a real stud online!? If you consider yourself an online flirting pro, this article will be more of a refresher; for you first-timers, think of this as your guide to successfully getting that man to meet up!

The Five Main Points of Gay Flirting

Do Some Background Research

Most gay hook up sites will give each user a profile for them to fill out with personal information that’s relevant to any potential partners that happen to be browsing their page. Sure, you can just go into the conversation blind, but why start out at a disadvantage? Dig a little bit to learn about his likes, dislikes, and quirks before shooting him the first message!

Ask Their Pronouns

His dating profile might say he’s an anime lover, but it probably won’t say his preferred pronouns… is “he” even what “he” goes by? These days, pronouns are very important when it comes to dating, so you should take the time to ask this person’s preferred pronouns. It’s easy to assume that they go by “he” based on looks alone, but if they prefer “they/them”, then calling them “he” probably won’t go over well. Play it safe: ask their pronouns!

Choose “Cute” Over “Sexy”

Tend to go after more dominant, sexually-aggressive men. You might be able to get away with calling him “sexy” ten minutes into the conversation. However, coming on too strong is also a turn-off for many guys, so you might want to start with “cute” first. You can always call him “sexy” later on, but it’s not a statement you can take back either, so proceed with caution!

Give Him Your Number

Giving someone your phone number is a clear indication that you find them attractive. By giving him your phone number first, you’re putting the ball in his court: if he texts/calls you or gives you his phone number, then you know it’s a go! If not, at least a silent rejection stings less than a spoken one.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you’re staring at the face of a perfect guy online, it can be easy to forget the world and focus solely on him. Being a little anxious and excited is normal, but it’s important to remember that there are much fish in the sea. If he doesn’t end up meeting with you, who cares? There are plenty more just like him, so worry less about “if” and focus more on what actually happens. Take particular note when your tactics don’t work and make adjustments as needed for better results in the future!

It’s Time to Win His Heart

Flirting may be a lost art, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it back again! Fortunately, since so many guys are pretty bad at flirting online, you’ll actually have a much better chance at success simply by knowing what you’re doing. Online platforms can be great for finding a man who wants the same thing as you quickly, so whether you’re looking for an FWB or a lifelong sweetheart, the best way to find him is probably by jumping online. That said, you can also apply these tips IRL, so don’t miss out on a chance to connect, regardless of where you two meet. Stop being single & start finding great guys today: it’s time to win his heart, boys!