Notary attestation is necessary to establish the validity of a document or certificate that the government may require direct inspection. Usually, original document copies are checked, and a photocopy of the original confirmed by a notary public is recognized as genuine. However, if the birth certificate is not an e-Birth Certificate, the Notary Attestation will be done on the backside of the original document.

The attestation of your child’s birth certificate is necessary to get a resident visa, whether they were born in the UAE or another nation. The birth certificate must be certified by an official stamp and the signature of the issuing authority. The birth certificate can be attested or apostilled based on your needs and the requirements of the issuing nation. Before you choose any attestation service provider, you should do your research because a birth certificate is a vital document for every individual throughout their life. Prompt attestation services are well-known for providing safe and secure attestation services. If you live in Dubai, you may easily apply for birth certificate verification. The process for attestation of birth certificates in Dubai includes submitting required papers, which the Ministry then verifies. Once everything is completed successfully, you may make the payment and obtain the certified document.


The procedure of authorized signatures authenticating an individual’s birth certificate is known as birth certificate attestation. The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has signed and sealed the birth certificate, confirming its authenticity.


Birth certificate attestation in UAE necessitates the presentation of papers proving the individual’s identification. Following are some of them:

  1. An individual’s passport photocopy
  2. Birth certificate in the original form
  3. Photos in passport size
  4. Authorization letter (POA)


The following papers would be necessary for completing the birth certificate attestation in the event of a child born in the UAE:

1. Both parents’ original passports with a resident visa status

2. Emirates Identification Card

3. The parents’ marriage certificate

4. A birth notification from the hospital, complete with the child’s birth information, the hospital’s seal, and so forth.


An attestation of the birth certificate is necessary when a parent applies for their child’s entry to a foreign country. In schools, this is necessary as evidence of age. A birth certificate is also required to get a permanent residence visa and for a variety of other legal purposes. In simple words, birth certificate attestation is needed to migrate from one nation to another.

The method for having a birth certificate certified differs based on the nation from whence the document was issued. Attestation of the certificate entails numerous government departments authenticating in the home nation rather than where the certificate will be utilized.

Personal appearance of the owner of the birth certificate (if an adult) or one of the parents (if a minor), including the supporting documents:

  1. Valid passport in original and a photocopy (first / last and valid visa page) of the birth certificate holder or one of the parents in the event of a minor.
  2. a copy of the minor child’s passport
  3. Original birth certificate and a photocopy certified by the following:

1. Notarization of the Birth Certificate –

The notarial act, also known as notarization, is the first stage in attesting a birth certificate in the UAE. The document would be examined and notarized by an authorized notary in the home nation.

2. Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs/Ministry of Foreign Affairs – The notarized document must be submitted to the Ministry for attestation by the appropriate authority, following the prescribed procedure. The birth certificate may only be attested by the UAE embassy or consulate once certified by the MEA/ MOFA.

3. Attestation by an official of the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the home country- The birth certificate will be examined and attested by the appropriate authority in the UAE Consulate/ Embassy in the home country. For birth certificate attestation in the UAE, this is the final stage in the country of origin.

4. MOFA attestation in the UAE – The MOFA is the UAE’s final attestation authority. After MOFA certification, the birth certificate could be utilized for official reasons.


Some of the most typical reasons for obtaining birth certificate attestation in Dubai are as follows:

  • Birth certificate attestation is required in Dubai for obtaining a family visa.
  • A birth certificate that has been certified is also necessary for admission to a Dubai school.
  • Students get this paperwork to pursue further education at a Dubai university.
  • A birth certificate that has been attested is also required for migration to Dubai.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC/MOFA) of the UAE connects the UAE to the rest of the globe. The government body provides attestation services to both UAE citizens and foreign nationals living in the country. The services provided by the MOFA vary from educational credentials to birth certificates.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently costs AED 150 for attesting a birth certificate in the UAE. You can contact us to get the most up-to-date charges and costs (if any).

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