Even though it looks fresh and evergreen, video gaming is actually an old industry. First traces of video games take us back all the way to the 1960s, while the real outbreak took place some 30 years ago.

A lot of things happened in the meantime, especially because new technologies keep reshaping the gaming industry on what seems to be a yearly basis. It’s an ongoing process with more than one outcome, so it’s getting harder to track how video games are changing in the 2020s. Just like UAE online casino.

Our goal is to give you an overview of all the major changes that occurred to date, so buckle up and get ready for a time machine ride!

Home computers bring video games to our homes

Although the gaming industry has been around for a while already, home computers actually made it more popular during the 1980s. This was the first opportunity for thousands of users to test video games, but the price of the device was still too high for most people to really give it a try.

PCs become more available

The 1990s decade was a pinnacle of PC gaming simply because computers became much more affordable, particularly in the US and Europe. Video game design was way better, while sound cards and CDs gave the extra push to the overall industry.

The Internet

The rise of broadband connections and high-speed Internet represents a huge milestone in the history of gaming. After that, everything changed because we suddenly started talking about online video gaming. This invention helped establish a global community of gamers who could not only play together but also exchange messages, experiences, and strategies.


How many times have you picked up a mobile phone to play a video game? We bet you did it thousands of times because mobile gaming is very convenient. Today, even the simplest video games come in app versions that can be launched everywhere and anytime.

Online casinos

Casino gambling is yet another form of gaming, but it’s not something people often relate to online gaming. It all changed with the emergence of the no account casino Netherlands and similar platforms that allowed users to gamble via the Internet. This basically means that every person on earth can now become a gambler because digital technologies make it possible.

Augmented Reality

AR helps developers add extra layers of information to the real-world image in order to enrich users’ gaming experiences. Pokémon Go is the finest example of how AR technologies impact video gaming, but there are many other use-cases.

Cloud gaming

Fast forward to 2021 and you’ll see users playing advanced video games without fancy equipment and expensive tools. How come? The answer lies in cloud gaming, a new concept in which everyone is allowed to utilize online resources capable of processing even the most powerful and demanding video games. Cloud-powered gaming makes the whole video gaming business more inclusive than ever.

Virtual Reality

VR is already a big deal in video gaming, but it is yet to reach its fullest potential. Now you need high-tech equipment to experience VR in gaming, but soon it will become more accessible and hassle-free.

The bottom line

The popularity of video games is booming all these years, but the industry owes much of its success to the development of new technologies. In this post, we showed you how digital technologies influenced the gaming industry over the last three or four decades. We’ve been witnessing a staggering impact of modern tools and technologies on video gaming, but one thing is for sure here – this kind of influence is not going to stop any time soon.