Now, tired of Badoo and Tinder, users began to wonder where to look for a company for an evening or a soulmate for a lifetime. Someone is skeptical about dating apps, and someone cannot live without them. For the second group, we have collected the best alternatives to popular dating apps.


First of all, this is a language practice application, but who said that a person who speaks another language cannot be your soulmate. You can find a Russian bride on so language practice is necessary. Tandem allows you to combine business with pleasure. Just choose the language you want to learn or practice, and the app will select partners for you, which you can filter by language, location, and interests.

By the way, if Tinder and other applications fail to correct the message, then Tandem has this feature. Even if you make a mistake in writing a word, you won’t have time to fall into dust if you rewrite everything in time! You don’t have to worry about your safety either: each profile is carefully checked to avoid unpleasant situations.

Communication takes place as in a regular messenger — you can send voice messages and make audio or video calls. And who knows, maybe in a friendly conversation true love will arise.


It is a service for paid dates, where one offers a sum of money that they are ready to pay for a pleasant pastime, and the other accepts this offer or not. Roughly speaking, this is an analog of the Uber taxi service, only for dating.

Users leave an application in the app indicating a convenient meeting place for them, the time, and the amount that they are ready to pay for a date. Then everyone who wants to spend time with them has exactly 21 minutes to respond to the application and discuss all the terms of the deal. Only those over the age of 21 can use the service.


Tastebuds will be appreciated by all music lovers because here, a perfect match is selected based on musical tastes. To start using this app, upload your playlist to it. And the program itself will start offering you options for dating. Instead of an ordinary “hello”, you can start a conversation with a line from your favorite song. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS.


It is not a typical dating application because here, they are looking for not only love but also friendship. It works on a geolocation basis: fill out a questionnaire, and you are shown nearby users with similar interests. You can arrange a meeting with those you like — with or without sexual overtones.


How often in your life have you met a beautiful girl in the subway, bookstore, or your favorite coffee shop, but have not dared to approach her? If often, then this application is especially for you. Happn uses hyper-geolocation technology, so it only shows you the people with whom your paths have ever crossed or cross regularly. So, you do not need to specifically make appointments, it is enough to meet in a place you already know. This application is especially relevant for residents of metropolises.


It is a geolocation-based service that notifies the user when a friend from Facebook or a person with similar interests appears nearby. The service finds you a match here and now based on your Facebook profile, hobbies, liked pages, and mutual friends. That is, if you and a potentially interesting person are in the same place at the same time, the system will notify you about this.