Game development is no joke. Every day, artists, developers and designers face dozens of obstacles to overcome. Regardless of whether it is game development for iOS, Android, PC or console, the classic game development life cycle usually suffers from approximately the same problems caused by common mistakes. Our task is to identify these errors so that you can avoid them.

Problems with Determining the Target Audience

Top game developers know that initial research and task planning is key to smooth development. Therefore, experienced teams always pay special attention to determining the target audience of the game. This is very important because with this information you can clearly define:

  1. What aspects of the game will people find most interesting?
  2. What setting do they prefer?
  3. What are their favorite mechanics?
  4. When do they usually play games?
  5. Are they prone to in-app purchases?
  6. What operating system do they prefer?

And these are just a few questions that can be answered knowing your target audience. Without it, your project will be created for virtually everyone and at the same time for anyone. You cannot predict who will want to download your game, as well as what to fill it with for better engagement. Do not forget about the target audience and you can avoid a huge number of problems in the future.

Lack of Competitor Analysis

This is a very serious miscalculation that greatly reduces your chances of success. The games market is filled with different projects. All genres have already been covered and worked out. It is unlikely that you will be able to create something completely new. But you can definitely gather information about the best examples of games and their mechanics and combine it with your idea.

Player comments on existing games are a treasure trove of valuable information about what you can improve and how to outperform your competitors. Players often write what they would like to change and add or what errors to fix. This is valuable information that will determine your strategy and ways to stand out from the vast array of entertainment products.

Ill-Conceived Design

Art is the most creative aspect of working on a game. There are millions of options for how you can display the game world. The most important thing here is not to overdo it and follow the original plan. A game development team that constantly changes the personal concept will get stuck for a long time at the stage of creating graphics and, as a result, creates something completely different from what was planned.

If a minimalistic style is assumed, then there is no need to burden it with unnecessary elements. The game interface should be intuitive, and the graphics should complement the gameplay and not hinder it. Remember that increasing the complexity of the graphics increases the complexity of the code. At the same time, no one guarantees that this will be justified.

Taking Care Of Everything

Small teams that create their first game often suffer from an ambitious desire to do everything on their own. At the same time, the team may not have the necessary specialists and their work is performed by other people. The result is substandard music, clumsy animations, or a weird interface.

If you understand that some tasks are not within your competence, then be sure to outsource them. Now there is nothing easier than finding a game development team that will do any job of creating a game. Also, be sure to let someone else test your game, don’t do it yourself. This will give you a fresh perspective on potential problems that you simply didn’t accidentally notice.

High Expectations

You should always be aware of your current level. You need to develop gradually. If you are just starting, it is hardly a good idea to create a complex 3D game. It makes sense to start with something simpler and work your way up in small steps.

Always be prepared for criticism, it will be in any case. Even if the game seems flawless to you, players will find problems in it. Treat this as an opportunity to grow and learn something new. In future projects, you will be able to avoid many mistakes and take into account the wishes of the players.


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