We all have that one childhood memory that will always make a good story. Growing up with siblings and friends, you’re bound to get into a lot of shenanigans and trouble. These people recall the times they thought their parents were going to really take them out fro something they did.

Making the Grade

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To make it seem like they were a better student than they actually were, one person would print off quizzes he already took, complete them, then give himself a better grade and argue with the teacher about it. Luckily the principal didn’t get his parents involved and gave him a light punishment. However, the teacher decided to call the parents himself.

Best Kept Secret

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One kid was always warned not to go on the frozen pond near his house. One day while playing soccer, the ball ended up right in the middle of the lake. So, the kid went out to get it, but as he came back he fell through the ice and into the water. He had to break through the ice to get back to shore. He still has not told his parents about the terrifying moment.

It Really Is a Small World

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While skipping school one day, one guy drove his car into a ditch. Luckily, he was able to get the car out of the ditch without a scratch thanks to a kind passerby. When asked about his day, he decided not to lie to his dad about it. Turns out the passerby was his dad’s coworker and told him about the incident.

Girlfriend’s Dad

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While in high school, one guy was almost caught by his girlfriend’s dad while they were in the shower together. Luckily she was great at lying and said he was at a friend’s house nearby and just parked his car in their driveway. After much planning, they managed to make it look like he knocked on the front door and came in to the house.

The Spill

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Kid logic is pretty hilarious. One kid spilled grape juice on the carpet and decided to cover it with a pillow, sit on said pillow, and never leave that spot so her parents would never find out about it. Obviously her mom found out and was pretty upset about the pillow being ruined rather than the carpet.

Harsher Than the Cops

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One kid was pulled over for going 70 mph in a 45 mph zone. While talking to the cops, his father called. The cops asked to speak to him. After they hung up, they recommended that he get home quickly because his father had a worse punishment for him than the ticket from the cops.

Missed Curfew

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Some parents are so strict about curfew times that it instills so much fear into their children. One mom always wanted her kids home by 8 pm or when the streetlights came on, whichever happened first. One day, the kids were late by 20 minutes and were trying to make up an excuse together. When they walked through the door, their mom was standing there, waiting to yell at them after overhearing their excuses.

Game of Catch

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You always have to be careful when playing with a ball near the house. One day while his grandmother was babysitting, one kid decided to throw a ball on top of the roof so it would roll down and he could catch it. His aim was off and it went right through the window.

Skipping School

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One kid decided to skip school one day. So, he climbed on top of the garage roof to make it look like he went to the bus. After his mom left, he climbed back into the house. However, she came back because she forgot something and found him playing video games.

Locked Out

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Siblings are the worst. One sister locked her brother out of the house, so he went around banging on the doors and windows to get her to let him in. Unfortunately, his hand went right through one of the windows.

Animal Lover

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While trying to save a lizard stuck in a wood pile, one kid accidentally moved the wrong piece of wood and it went right through his dad’s car windshield. Needless to say, he was in a lot of trouble that night.

College Drop Out

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While in college, one student signed on to their class portal and found that their classes had been dropped and it looked like they were no longer considered a student. The phone call to his parents was terrifying. Turns out it was a system error and he was still a student.

DIY Slingshot

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Some kids get really creative when it comes to entertaining themselves. One guy made a homemade slingshot and decided to see if it would work. It worked alright, so well that it broke the windshield of his mom’s van.

Timing is Everything

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When it comes to throwing a party while your parents are away, timing is everything. One girl threw a party and expected to clean up the next day after she got home from work. Turns out her parents came home early and found the mess.

Joy Ride

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At the age of 14, one son decided to take his dad’s car out for a joy ride (without a license) while his parents were away for the weekend. He thought he got away with it until his dad realized the driver’s seat had been moved.

Fitting In

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Everyone wants to fit in while they’re in high school. One girl let someone cheat off of her exam one day, but the teacher caught them both because the answers were exactly the same. While they went to the principal’s office, it turned out that her parents didn’t really care.

Candles are Dangerous

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During a movie marathon of Lord of the Rings, one kid decided to light some candles to set the mood. However, she wasn’t paying attention and ended up setting the couch on fire.

Cell Phone Bill

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Remember when there was a time that we had only a certain number of minutes with our cell phone plans? One teen racked up a $600 phone bill one month after getting a girlfriend. His parents were definitely not happy.

Texting Unlimited Texting

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Teenagers love to text. Two sisters convinced their parents to sign up for an unlimited texting plan so they could save some money. Within just one month, the girls sent over 30,000. When the bill came, the phone company never applied the unlimited texting plan and they were charged over $4,500. After a quick call to the company, everything was straightened out.

God is Always Watching

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One teenager had a routine of pulling his mother’s car to the front of the church before mass let out. One Sunday, he had a friend with him and decided to show off a bit. While trying to do a burn out in the parking lot, he crashed into his dad’s truck, which was parked right beside his mom’s car. Luckily there were too many people around for his parents to make a scene.

Caught Smoking

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Kids Stories:shutterstock_96038246.png Teenagers are always curious when it comes to smoking. They still think it’s cool to do, even though it’s so unhealthy for you. When one girl was 14 years old, her mother caught her light up a cigarette. In those few seconds, she thought her life really was over.

Boys Will Be Boys

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For some reason, boys love the idea of guns. One day during a sleepover when his parents weren’t home, one boy decided to play with his friend’s airsoft BB gun. Well, his aim was off just a bit and shot the flat screen television in the basement. His parents were definitely not happy.

The Makeover

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Dads tend to be pretty heavy sleepers. So, one night while his mom was out with some friends and his father fell asleep, one boy decided to put some makeup on his dad’s face. Unfortunately, his dad slept through his alarm the next morning and ran out of the house to work without looking in the mirror.

AC Down

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One 9-year-old girl decided she and her friends were going to throw a necklace of a girl they didn’t like out of her bedroom window. However, they had to remove the AC unit that was there. During the process, the unit fell out of the window and destroyed the backyard steps.

Wrong Person

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Always check to see who you are sending a text to, especially if you’re complaining about someone. One daughter was texting her brother about their mother and called her a bad word. Turns out she sent the text to her mom instead.

Take Out the Chicken

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How many times has your mom called and asked you to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner that night? How many times did you forget to do it until she pulled into the garage? Probably too many to count.

I’m Rubber and You’re Glue

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While playing outside with some friends one day, a kid found a bucket of what they thought was glue. So, they poured it around their “safe zone.” Turns out it was some type of solvent and his sister slipped right in it and hit her head on the pavement.

Forging Grades

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This high schooler was pretty sneaky when it came to forging his grades. He would forge his parents’ signatures on bad report cards, sign into their emails and delete communication from the teacher, and Photoshop his grades. He got into some serious trouble when his parents found out.

Negotiating the Police

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While his parents were out of town, one son was pulled over doing 85 in a 45 mph zone. Instead of writing him a ticket, the officer told him to have his parents call him before 6 pm that night. Rather than writing a ticket that would result in him losing his license, he told his parents to scare the wits out of him.

Fourth of July

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Fireworks are all part of the fun of the Fourth of July. So, when one kid bought a lot of the loud Piccolo Petes, his mother told him not to set them off before the holiday. While playing in the backyard, he accidentally lit one with a magnifying glass and the sun and ran into the house. As his mother saw the look on his face and asked what was wrong, the firework went off.

Sporting Events

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One day, a kid wanted to practice his golf swing so he decided to hit golf balls in the front yard. He hit them right into the siding of the house and caused some dents.

Locked Away

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Nobody likes locking their keys in their car, especially if it’s the keys to your mom’s car. One mother ended up breaking the back window to her car in order to get the keys that her son had locked in there.

If Looks Could Kill

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While doing the dishes with her grandmother and mother, one daughter noticed there was a drop of water in the lid of a crystal sugar bowl lid. So, jokingly she went to throw the drop of water in her mother’s face only to find out that the whole lid was full of water.

Speed Racer

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One guy ended up passing his father on the road while going 70 in a 35 mph zone. According to him, the moment went in slow motion. He could see his father stare at him through the car window as he drove by. He waited hours before he returned home to his punishment.

Trampolines Are Dangerous

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Trampolines can be pretty dangerous, which is why a lot of parents get a net on the outside of them so nobody falls off. Well, one game two kids liked to play was to have one person on the inside of the net and the other on the outside. The one on the inside would try to throw the one on the outside off of the trampoline. One day when they did this, the kid fell into a ditch and broke his arm.

Scared Out of Her Wits

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While in a Halloween store, one brother decided to put on a demon mask and scare his sister by running up to her and screaming in her face. He had never seen someone so genuinely scared in his life. So, his parents threatened to scare him even worse when he was least expecting it. For months he checked closets and around corners.

Check Your Alarm

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One girl seriously needs her glasses to see. So, when she woke up one morning, she thought that she had slept through her alarm because she saw a different time on the clock. She got ready, went to the bus stop and waited for the bus, even though it was dark outside. When she came back home thinking she had missed the bus, she discovered that it was 4 am and her mother had thought she had snuck out with friends.

Saved a Trip to the Dentist

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One sister threw a phone at her brother and it hit him right in the mouth. There was blood everywhere and he couldn’t stop crying. It turns out that she had knocked out the extra tooth he was scheduled to have pulled the next week.

I Believe I Can Fly

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One five-year-old believed that if he tied four kites to his bike and rode off the edge of a quarry that he would fly. Luckily, the strings got caught in his wheels and he ended up rolling down the edge. He walked through the door all bloody and cut up.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

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After just starting to work at a new job, one guy wanted to go to the beach with his friends one week. So, he lied and said that a family member had died. Well, his father also worked for the company and his boss sent his condolences to the father only to find out that the boy had lied.