Slots come in all shapes and sizes and more importantly, they come offering different payouts. Some are content with moderate returns and don’t mind missing out on the jackpot by playing penny slots from free spins site. While others are high rollers on the prowl to try their luck with the biggest jackpots out there and unlock that life changing win. If you are a high roller, then stick with us to find out the best online slot games designed with the high rollers ambitions in mind.

Top 3 online slots for High Rollers

In this part, you can view the best 3 choices for high rollers.

1. Dead or Alive II

If you enjoy a seat gripping online slot gaming with jackpots designed specifically with high rollers in mind, then try out Dead or Alive II. This spooky slots offer up to 9 paylines, I know what you are thinking, how can I get a life changing win with only 9 paylines? Well, you have a maximum bet of 18 pounds per payline that can offer you 110 times your initial bet. Now that’s a jackpot!

2. Space Wars

This slot is not to be taken lightly. With a maximum bet of 200 pounds and the biggest being at 400 000 pounds, this is not a slot for the high rollers to ignore. For the pros out there, rest assured, because this slot delivers a 96.6 return to player percentage and up to 40 paylines.

3. High Voltage

High Voltage, the most popular game for the thrill seeking high rollers out there offers it’s players some of the most attractive features and values. Get your blood pumping with free spins or choose between two bonuses rounds: High Voltage, or the Gates of Hell. Bring home that sweet cash with a 95.67 percent return to player percentage, with a maximum bet of 40 sterling and no limit on the jackpot!

Tips and Tricks for High Rollers

For the high rollers out there trying to hone their craft and unlock those life changing jackpots, we have a few tips and tricks for you.

The most important value in the game, that we mentioned earlier, is the return to player percentage. This value is required by law to be made available to the player and represents what kind of returns a player should expect, so keep your eye on it.

In layman terms, if you bet 1 pound and the return to player percentage for your online slot is 80 percent, then you should expect to receive 80 cents for every 1 pound that you bet. The pros know to hunt for online slots that have a return to player percentage that is 95 percent or above.

One Last Thing

The most important thing in the game is to remain relaxed. Mistakes are made when one is unsettled, and this can lead to bets that are beyond your budget. So remember, set out a strict budget for yourself that will keep you in your means. We want you to have fun, and there is nothing more fun than betting responsibly.