When a service member or his or her spouse is facing legal action charges within the military court, they can request or hire a military lawyer to help them with their case. A military lawyer will represent you in the court, trials, and proceedings. Just like another lawyer, they are in service to provide defense to the person accused of a civil or criminal violation. They also help oppose any evidence that is held against their client. Basically, they protect the rights of their clients.

Military lawyers are trained and skilled to handle their clients’ cases from start to finish. They can also deal with high-pressure situations while maintaining a steady temperament. They can be your rock and help you and guide you throughout the proceedings.

Here are services a client can expect from his or her military lawyer:

  • Advising high-level military personnel on law.
  • Offering court-martial counsel and services.
  • Drafting and preparing official military guides.
  • Preparing and questioning a client before trial.
  • Providing legal advice to military clients.
  • Navigating the terms of legal discipline.
  • Drafting and filing court-required documents.

The branches of military that can request or seek for the service of a military lawyer include, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Marines.

Facing military proceedings, also verify military status, can and will affect your future tremendously. If you are proven guilty or convicted of a crime you are at risk of losing your job, your income, retirement, and other benefits of being in the service.

Those who need a military lawyer’s service are those who want an opportunity to defend their case strategically. Hiring a military lawyer will increase your chances to effectively defend yourself against any accusation. Here are a list of reasons why you need a military lawyer:

  1. If you are facing an accusation about a criminal offense.
  2. If you are facing a landlord-tenant dispute.
  3. If you are avoiding a court-martial.
  4. If you need a military lawyer defense team to help you deal with an accusation such as treason.

Military lawyers and civilian lawyers have differences in laws and rules, and in the skills they have. There are also differences in how they are paid. Civilian lawyers make money from contingency fees but military lawyers are paid a military lawyer salary. The salary the military lawyers get depends on how they offer their services. Here are the following difference a civilian lawyer and a military lawyer has:

  1. They follow different rules
  2. Military lawyer JAG Corp involvement
  3. They receive different training
  4. Appeals follow various procedures
  5. Juries are chosen and adjudicated differently

Now that you know the basic ins and outs, here is some basic information you need to know when hiring a lawyer!

First, make sure that you hire a lawyer that is right for your case and of course, your jurisdiction. Jurisdiction means you hire a lawyer from your own country. And for the right case, an example is that disability lawyers do not have the same knowledge, skill, and experience as a military lawyer. Assess your situation first to know if a military lawyer is the right lawyer for you!