Cannabis is an annual plant within the Cannabaceae family. For thousands of years, humans have domesticated this plant for various uses and benefits. Hemp (rich in CBD) and marijuana cousin (rich in THC) are gaining popularity among interested growers after their legalization in the United States. For instance, big investors are turning to commercial hemp to get materials to manufacture paper, high-quality fiber, and oils.

Moreover, growers across the United States can access different cannabis seed strains for varied uses. These seeds have various yielding capacities. But what science drives these differences among strains that are essentially the same? This post discusses the top seven high-yielding cannabis seeds you can plant this year. Keep reading to learn and earn more yields.

Understanding the Science Behind the Weeds

Every grower invests time, energy, and money planting cannabis and expects to get maximum harvests. A strain’s production capacity is the highest amount of flowers it produces in a given season and space.

However, the harvest is more than just the quantity you can express in grams or pounds. Other factors influence the overall production capacity. You must consider issues driving a breed’s overall production capacity. Some of these determinants are as follows:

  • The presence of terpenes and flavonoids distinguishing various strains.
  • Whether you use irrigation or not.
  • The type and quality of fertilization you use.
  • The climatic conditions in which you grow your weed seeds.
  • The plant-training techniques you use.
  • Your growing skills and experience determining how you should handle your plants.
  • The consistency level in plant handling.
  • Overall grow room/field hygiene.
  • Soil or growing medium type and its overall quality.

Start With the Genetics

Genetics lies at the heart of every high-yielding weed seed. Thus, understanding a strain’s genetic code is one of the best ways to predict the amount of harvest you can expect.

It’s worth noting that cannabis seeds come from two plant parents—male and female. These parents have and transfer a gene collection to the seeds they produce, preparing them to grow into healthy cannabis plants with predetermined therapeutic qualities in the future. A cannabis plant’s genotype gives it various potential traits. For instance, a plant’s phenotype is its physical trait expression occurring when its genotype interacts with the cultivation environment. However, the plants a cannabis parent produces slightly differ the same way siblings from the same parents do.

Parent plants also pass on unique characteristics to their offspring. However, these plants differ slightly from their parents in various ways. Some may have different shapes, colors, aromatics, and even potency. The differences get more pronounced when several parents are crossbred to achieve a diversity of genetic combinations.

Understanding these genetic dimensions ensures your plants get the best from their cultivation environment. They can benefit from environmental variables, such as lighting, humidity, temperature, and supplements. But if these elements are combined in a negative way, they can produce an undesirable terpene profile, weaker cannabinoid levels, and even harm your weed plants.

Top High-Yielding Weed Seeds

Now you know the basics of the science underlying high-yielding cannabis seeds. Let’s proceed and examine the top seven best performers in 2023.

White Widow

We start on a “widowed” note by discussing White Widow, one of the pioneering feminized seeds from the 1990s. This seed originated from the Netherlands, but it’s a crossbreed between a Brazilian landrace sativa and a South Indian landrace indica.

This pioneering breed is famous for its high potency. It provides a relaxing and balanced feeling that relieves pain, fatigue, depression, and stress.

You can expect to harvest about 18 ounces per square meter from this strain’s indoor plantation. Additionally, this seed thrives well outdoors and produces about twenty-one ounces per plant. You may grow its plants in various mediums, like soil or hydroponics. We recommend pruning the plants beneath the netting when growing them in either system.

The White Widow matures for harvest between eight and nine weeks. Growing this high-production variant is also easy. We also recommend feeding it with lots of nitrogen during its vegetative stage and flushing your plants before switching to a high-phosphorous nutrient formulation. You can get more high yielding marijuana seeds information on our website.

Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush is an Indica-dominant crossbreed between OG Kush and Strawberry Cough. This strain has a sweet berry flavor and offers an uplifting high. This variant is also believed to provide medicinal benefits like relief from pain, depression, and poor appetite.

This strain yields up to eighteen ounces per square meter when cultivated indoors. Growing it is also easy. You should pay attention to how deep you plant its seedlings. It grows well in humid and warm places with a Mediterranean-like climate. The strain resists mildew and mold, making it highly advantageous for indoor cultivation. Remember, Strawberry Kush plants can grow really wide; hence, you should prune them.

Blue Dream

This hybrid strain combines Blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream is Sativa-dominant, with its origin in California. The strain is rich in THC and full of aromatic flavors. It’s also suitable for medicinal uses. The strain can aid people with health conditions such as pain, depression, and nausea.

You can grow this variant outdoors in its native Californian climate. It also grows well indoors. The strain grows very tall and can reach six feet. When cultivating it, please pay special attention to its transpiration levels and amounts.

Super Silver Haze

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is popular for its medicinal value. It benefits patients fighting anxiety and relaxes them without sedation. The strain is a cross from Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk. It has gained much popularity since its creation in the late 1990s and has won several accolades.

Try Super Silver Haze if you want a seed strain to give you up to 19 ounces per square meter indoors. Your plants will take 9-11 weeks to mature for harvest.

You can grow it outdoors, although it thrives best in indoor hydroponic cultivation systems. Keeping it in a warm and humid environment encourages it to maximize its yielding potential.

King’s Tart from Greenhouse Seeds

This strain’s seeds produce robust and fast-growing cannabis plants. When grown outdoors, it can grow up to 3.5 meters tall. It has hard, compact buds covered with trichomes and resin. It also emits a creamy aroma.

The plant forms a robust main cola and secondary branches, developing a canopy that covers the entire plant. When planted indoors, it has a short flowering period of seven to eight weeks. Its outdoor production per plant is still high.

Green Dream Auto-flower

This auto-flowering high yielder helps you produce an Indica-dominant hybrid without any cultivation difficulties. The strain contains a THC level of 15% to 20%, with a CBD concentration of 0.1%-0.9%. It has a spicy, fruit-like, and sweet flavor that awakens the senses. It helps relax the mind and promotes focus. The strain is also medicinal because it helps calm nerves, promote healthy sleep patterns, and relieve pain.

You may grow its seeds indoors and outdoors. Also, it thrives in a warm and dry Mediterranean climate. Its buds are tiny, and it flowers in 9-12 weeks after planting. This strain’s seeds produce plants with a high yield of quality buds ranging between 480g and 700g per plant.

Forbidden Runtz Autoflower

This strain is a crossbreed of Runtz and Forbidden Zkittlez, Forbidden Runtz. It’s a classic Indica-dominant strain with a 35% to 65% Indica-Sativa ratio. Its seeds can help you grow weed with high THC levels of up to 26%.

Its plants grow well in continental or sunny Mediterranean climates. Growing this variant is a breeze. It produces dense and resinous buds after eight to ten weeks. You can harvest the best quality from its plants if you adhere to indoor or outdoor cultivation requirements.

Closing Remarks

Cannabis seeds have different yield capacities based on the science behind them. Various factors determine how much a seed can produce at its life cycle’s end. For instance, a seed’s genetic makeup determines how much you can expect to harvest from it. Other drivers, like your cultivation experience, climatic conditions, plant training techniques, and the fertilizers you use, affect the overall harvest levels.

We also gave you some of the best high-yielders on the market this year. We hope you will use these details to decide which high-production seeds you will plant this year.

Tia Moskalenko wrote this article to familiarize cannabis users and cultivators with the top picks in the cannabis seeds market. Tia is passionate about the therapeutic use of weed and works for AskGrowers to compose data-backed research pieces that close the knowledge gap of consumers considering weed as a herbal remedy for their conditions.