So, what will scare a potential customer away from your site (it will be mainly about selling landing pages) or make them wary:

Counters, timers, buy now

You’ve probably seen them before. The very counters, after which the action for a product or service will disappear, the price will again soar to the ceiling, or even the thing you want will disappear from the company’s warehouses, but this is the best-case scenario.

Usually, this is just a cheap trick, and after the time of these timers, it happens… Nothing. Once I even visited such a site, where when the page was updated, such a counter was also reset and started counting from the default time, but that’s not the point now.

Why is this method a failure? I have found many arguments in favor and harm of such techniques, the main thing is that this technique is not effective. When a person sees a countdown counter, he subconsciously asks himself the question: “Are they trying to manipulate me?”

Personally, when I see such things, I immediately think that they want to deceive me. Before placing such designs on your landing page, ask yourself the question: “How would I react to this thing?”

All the same applies to the buttons ” Buy now!”, “BUY!”, ” Right now!”. I realized that I can buy this thing and will do it if I like it. Please don’t remind me of this, I might change my mind!

Not to push away the clients, try to be extremely unobtrusive, they will certainly appreciate it.

The section with the advantages of your company

This section you have also seen many times and I generally have nothing against them, if they are designed correctly and carry some meaning. For the most part, you can come across abstract inscriptions near icons such as “Excellent quality”, “Fast work”, “High efficiency”, and so on. This is very boring and people do not believe in these empty words.

If you want to attract a client, then work hard to find the real advantages of your company, what you can offer that the competitors can’t? Or what are you really the best at? Work on the visual representation, make this section of the landing page creative, non-standard, and then the user will not remain indifferent, because the hack from the painstaking work can be distinguished with the naked eye.

Of course, this cannot always be done. In this case, the block with advantages can be replaced with the company’s portfolio. So people will see what it is and what you can expect from it.

Stock photos

I’m not opposed to stock photos. Sitting on a chair at home, we can choose from millions of free photos for our needs and it’s wonderful. However, they are not suitable for your website, you need original, genuine, unique pictures.

Authentic, evocative, creative, not cliched with templates, clearly reflecting the focus of the site. Underline what you need. You can do everything at once. A great example would be to hire a photographer or take a couple of unexpected photos yourself during the work of your team.

Pop-ups and feedback forms

Returning to the topic of unobtrusiveness from the first point. If you implement a feedback form, then you should not make it so that it pursues the user throughout the site and irritates his eyes, thereby distracting him from the content. Focus on the content and then the user will pursue it.

As for pop-ups, here I just want to ask the question: “What do people expect when they decide to make a pop-up that pops up immediately when they visit the site? Or even every couple of minutes?”

Excessive obsession pushes a person to the idea that the services or goods that are offered to him are of low quality and are in low demand, which is why they are so diligently promoted. A good product doesn’t need any praises or introductions. Well, maybe just a little bit.


Of course, scrolling will not make anyone wary or cause distrust, but every year people who live on the web become lazier and lazier. That’s why the trends are now multi-page landing pages (sounds contradictory), each menu item of which directs you to a new page with a minimum of scrolling.

The user will simply get tired of flipping through a long canvas and eventually decide to go to the competition.

To keep it, you either need to have unique insider content on the site or not let the user get bored while scrolling. In extreme cases, make a floating menu.

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Summing up the results

As we can see, things that were originally intended to increase conversion now have the opposite effect. The Internet is progressing and modernizing, and so are the users. I hope all of the above points will eventually become archaisms and will remain only on the dusty shelves of history.