To stay safe online, make sure you have the best antivirus available with essential security features. Cybercriminals who use your devices to gain financial advantage are still making you at risk from the easy-to-use software.

Viruses have changed over the years regarding their behavior and goal, but the intention is generally to steal your money. Several threats can pose a threat to your computer, but malware, ransomware, and Trojans are commonly designed to steal your data or cause enough damage that you must pay a significant amount to repair. In addition, there are pure scammers as well.

You probably already know why virus protection is essential since you have come here and aren’t scared by us. 2021’s best antivirus software offers its users a combination of comprehensive security, safekeeping features, and easy installation and use. We recommend always paying for protection, even though some of the best antivirus services available cost less than $10 a year.


This antivirus software app from Norton, now known as NortonLifeLock, is one of the best on the market, as detailed in this Norton review. There’s no question about it: even the entry-level antivirus product comes with a whole stack of features – not to mention their quality. Additionally, there are some comprehensive browser safety measures to keep you safe while surfing the internet, as well as a very useful intelligent firewall. The antivirus package’s central antivirus defenses are very tight. The extras include an online backup tool with 2GB of storage and helpful PC maintenance utilities.

However, we note here that Norton is quite resource-hungry in our latest evaluation. As a result, Norton’s performance in AV-Comparatives’ latest performance ranking was disappointing, as it has previously performed well in this area. Nevertheless, you won’t likely notice any noticeable performance issues under normal operating conditions, and you certainly get the most for your money with Norton AntiVirus Plus.

NortonLifeLock also offers higher-level suites for those who want more. Unlike Norton 360 Free, Norton 360 Standard adds some valuable features beyond antivirus protection, including a full VPN service integrated into the software, more backup space (10GB), and the ability to monitor the dark web. Additionally, there are Android and iOS apps available.


In the list of best antiviruses, Bitdefender is one of the best, beating some stiff competition while charging a fraction of what its competitors are asking for.

However, budget-friendly pricing wouldn’t mean much if Bitdefender failed to deliver comprehensive malware protection, but they do. The Bitdefender software proved very capable of fending off malware threats, albeit with a few minor warnings about how it handled some ransomware threats. AV-Comparatives gave this antivirus another top rating for its ability to combat advanced threats, and no threats were detected.

It’s awe-inspiring how many features Bitdefender offers, with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus being among the best web security software products providing a powerful defense against malicious links and fraudulent websites.

Online banking protection is offered by Safepay, which features a secured browser and covers you from a host of angles, really going into its element. As part of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2021, Bitdefender includes an enhanced vulnerability scanner and a solid password manager. And, of course, a VPN service is included, though with a con: there is a daily traffic limit of 200MB. Nevertheless, it might be helpful in an emergency.

Users of Bitdefender liked its well-designed, easy-to-use interface, as well as how easy it is to tweak.


This company’s basic version of the antivirus software for Windows computers protects up to 10 computers. In addition, Kaspersky’s focus on privacy is an excellent way to ensure your security, even though it may not have as many features as others on this list.

Kaspersky consistently ranks among the top antivirus products in all of the big independent test labs’ reports. Even unknown threats were destroyed by Kaspersky Anti-Virus very quickly, and even files that were hurt by the virus were recovered. Kaspersky makes use of self-defense features very well.

Kaspersky hasn’t offered much new functionality over the past year, so this is a downside, and those additional features are not helpful. In addition to not being very useful, there is a problem with Kaspersky’s Wizards in that they only support Internet Explorer and detect only Internet Explorer malware. They also include a VPN; however it isn’t very robust. If time is of the essence, it can still be helpful.

In these more extensive suites, you get more advanced features. Kaspersky Internet Security protects Macs, Android, and iOS devices with a secure browser and an intelligent firewall. Additionally, Kaspersky Total Security features automatic password backups, security controls, and a password manager. Total Security is probably worth purchasing with discounts since it becomes less expensive.