Cricket is a sport that has many concepts that are a good idea to understand in order to comprehend what happens in its matches. Those who want to wager on those contests can visit the online bookmaker.

One of these concepts is the boundary. Its definition is quite simple. It corresponds to the perimeter that defines the cricket playing field. However, this is not just a line that players can’t go beyond. It should be noted that when a ball is hit directly at it or beyond, teams can get four or six runs immediately. The 1xBet online betting platform offers lots of different wagering chances where punters can wager on when a run will be scored during a cricket game.

Scoring runs in a cricket game

Normally, in high-profile matches, the boundary is demarcated by a rope. In amateur or semi-professional competitions, other elements might be used to place the boundary, such as cones. The most detailed cricket scores can be reviewed to see when the boundary has been the protagonist of a cricket play.

In cricket there are two important concepts which are known as the fours and the sixes. As their name implies, they are the instances when teams can score four or six runs respectively. In the case of fours, they can be scored in the following situations:

  • the ball bounces within the playing field after being batted and eventually rolls or flies beyond the edge;
  • there are other situations which are known as the overthrows, here is when fielders throw the ball to a teammate, however, said teammate is unable to reach the ball before it departs the boundary;
  • not directly related to the boundary, but fours can also be scored if a ball is sent into the outfield after being batted and passes between the wickets.

The cricket scores on the 1xBet website can be used to determine if fours have been scored at some moment in the game. Sixes are easier to understand. They are scored if the ball is batted strongly enough that it leaves the boundary without touching the ground within the playing field.

Putting the boundary in place

Cricket fields can be oval, circular or irregular. However, despite this flexibility in the shape, there are still some requirements that the boundary must satisfy. When visiting the 1xBet website – live match watch to see the best plays that happen in this part of the field.

In professional cricket, the laws state that the boundary must be at least 59 meters from the center of the field in all directions.

The position of the boundary can play a significant role in the game. Whether players score fours or sixes, it is quite exciting to watch a live match on the 1xBet website.