Pet owners are always searching for new ways to care for their pets and improve their health. Recent research suggests that CBD oils might be the answer.

Over the last decade, people have become increasingly aware of the health benefits associated with CBD oils and other cannabinoid products. Many pet owners don’t realize that their pets might benefit from CBD in a similar way.

A growing range of products has been designed to provide CBD for pets, and CBD oils are a great place for pet owners to start. Oils generally contain very few ingredients and are easy to incorporate into a pet’s diet, making them ideal for even the fussiest pets.

What exactly are CBD pet oils, and what kind of benefits can be expected?

What Is CBD Pet Oil?

In many ways, CBD oils for pets are the same as the CBD oils that humans use. Both types of oil contain CBD and other cannabinoids which are extracted from hemp plants. A carrier oil is also used in both products to make the CBD extract easy to consume.

There are two main differences and reasons why regular CBD oils should not be given to pets. The first is the type of carrier oil that is used. Coconut and olive are the two most commonly used oils in regular CBD oils. In pet oils, neutral oils are typically used, making it easier for the animal’s digestive system and ensuring a much milder flavor.

The second difference is the strength of the CBD contained within the oil. Bodyweight is one of the main factors determining how much CBD is needed to trigger particular effects. Human CBD oils are often much more potent than pet oils to account for the difference in weight.

Many brands that specialize in pet-friendly CBD oil offer a few different strength options. It is common to find three strengths: one for cats and small dogs, another for medium dogs, and lastly, an option for large dogs.

Can CBD oil provide many of the same positive effects for pets as they do for humans? Let’s look at the most common ways pets could benefit from CBD oils.

#1 CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD has calming effects on the body and is often used to treat stress and anxiety. Pets can suffer from long-term stress and anxiety in a similar way to how humans can. It has been found that giving pets a small dose of CBD oil each day could help to alleviate many of the adverse effects of stress and anxiety.

Events such as moving houses and fireworks can often be difficult for pets. Using CBD oils in the lead-up to and at such events may help limit the discomfort caused.

#2 CBD Oil as a Pain Remedy

CBD is increasingly used as a natural form of pain relief. CBD oil may provide several hours of relief from pain and could be a great way to minimize suffering for pets with chronic pain. Adding a few drops of CBD oil to a pet’s meals throughout the day helps to ensure that effects are felt consistently during the day.

CBD oil can also be used to help pets who have suffered an injury and are in recovery. However, it is always a pretty good idea to discuss using CBD oil in this way with a vet to ensure it does not conflict with any other treatments.

#3 Treating Inflammation with CBD Oils

Hemp plants contain several compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects. It is thought that giving pets CBD oil as a supplement regularly can help prevent unnecessary inflammation within the body that can often cause other long-term health issues.

CBD oils can also be helpful for their anti-inflammatory effects when dealing with injuries and illness. CBD is believed to suppress inflammation and allow for a faster healing time.

#4 Immune Support

CBD oil does not always have to be used to treat particular ailments. CBD oils can also be used as a general dietary supplement providing pets with the many minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids found within hemp plants.

CBD oils can be easily added to pets meals and used as a supplement. The effects of CBD provide pets with a lot of additional nutrients, help boost their immune system, and may even improve energy levels.