Live casino gaming has become one of the most popular parts of a casino website in the last few years. Instead of playing classic casino titles with automated technology, players can now enjoy the same games with a real-life casino feel. Players can hit the tables with a live dealer who hosts the service in real-time as they are streamed from a studio or casino floor. Some live casino games even facilitate interaction between you, the dealer and other players – just like what happens when you attend a brick and mortar casino.

But live casino games have taken another turn of late. They’re shaking off the expectation that all titles must only be classic casino games like poker, blackjack and roulette. Instead, the live casino department is filling up with unique and innovative games that probably haven’t seen, heard of or played before. One of the most exciting has to be Crazy Time.

What Is Crazy Time?

The Crazy Time interactive game is solid proof that new casino propositions do get invented. Evolution Gaming is the minds and talent behind this new live casino release, and they’ve gone in a completely different direction to the live titles produced before. The simplest way to describe Crazy Time is a hybrid between Wheel of Fortune (yes, with a game show host) and roulette. The game is played live with the hostess being streamed from a live studio as she spins the wheel and interacts with real-time gamblers.

Making new games like these is one of the ways casino gaming is set to change in the coming years.

How Do You Play the Crazy Time?

This casino game includes a wheel with four repeating numbers on it, namely 1, 2, 5 and 10. Within these repeating numbers, you will also see a bonus symbol. The live host spins the wheel, and you bet on which number you expect the wheel to stop at. The number you bet on is representative of the odds. For example, if it is 3, you will win x3 your stake.

Naturally, there are more of the lesser numbers than there are of the number 10. This Evolution Gaming production is super easy to understand and play, but there are four bonus features to spice things up and keep you entertained. Some of these bonuses take you to separate screens away from the wheel format.

Who Will Enjoy Playing Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is best enjoyed by anyone who wants a simple but exciting live gambling experience. If you don’t like the list of rules and complexities associated with a casino game like poker, you will most probably enjoy Crazy Time. The game has attracted a lot of interest, especially by players who enjoy playing roulette due to its apparent similarities.