Children’s hospice is something that nobody wants to need, but it’s a reality of life that many of us have to face. It can be not easy to find hospice care that you can trust your child with. Everyone wants to do the best for their child, but there’s a lot that goes into finding the right facility, something you can afford, and something that will make your child comfortable.

Here’s what goes into finding good children’s hospice.

Research What’s Near Your Area

If you live in or near a large city, there will be more options available to you. Research in local business directories, or talk to local hospitals and know if they know any good hospices for children.

If you live in an area with fewer in-facility options, or you can’t find a children’s hospice that’s close enough to be comfortable for you, you could consider hiring someone who can perform hospice tasks within your home. Although this can complicate things a little, and not every case allows for it, this is a valid option for many.

Look For Good Reviews and Ratings

An important thing to consider is the quality of their care. Research any hospice facilities you find, and look into how people rate them. Do reviewers say whether or not their loved ones were treated well? Is the hospice good for children, and does it offer a comfortable and friendly environment? If not, it might not be the right choice for you. Although not all reviews will be valid, some families may lash out because they’re going through hardship, so you should read carefully and try to make an informed decision.

Tour The Facilities With Your Child If Possible

Ask if you can tour the facilities. The best option would be to take your child with you to look at the facilities as well, but if that option isn’t available, you should still go on your own. Look at the comfort of the current patients, consider if the location is good and if the caregivers seem friendly and respectful. Although hospice isn’t lighthearted, do they gear their facilities towards children and make it less scary for them? Does it seem sanitary and safe?

Try To Talk To Someone Whose Child Is Currently There

If you’ve narrowed down your options to one or two, now’s the time to talk to people who have children currently in those facilities. Be friendly and respectful, don’t cross any boundaries you wouldn’t want crossed, and discuss anything you would like to know. Since they’ve been in your shoes and also want the most for their children, they can often understand where you’re coming from with your concern.

This Is A Difficult Task: Be Patient With Yourself

It’s a good idea to be as patient with yourself as possible. Although this is highly stressful, and you may feel alone with it even if family surrounds you, it’s a good idea to seek therapy and find someone who can help you through this.