fake tumblr girl

a fake tumblr girl or should i say female because most of them will get angry that you -ssumed their gender. they are those girls who always wear flannel, chockers, skinny jeans and usually have pixie cuts and/or dyed hair. they never stop talking about bands especially twenty one pilots, fall out boy, and panic! at the disco and sometimes but not really anymore my chemical romance. they also never stop talking about how they are bis-xual/lesbian/pans-xual or genderfluid/a boy even if everyone else knows its a huge phase and it’s actually ruining the lgbt community. they usually say “i’m so emo” whether its a joke or they actually believe themselves when really they’re not and they’re just a wannabe. they usually act deep without actually genuinley being deep, they also are like hipsters with posting auesthetic type pictures. they will most of the times claim they have a disorder like ocd, depression, anxiety disorder etc. when really they don’t and it insults people with actual disorders. they are also overly obsessive with steven universe and undertale. they think they’re so cute when really they’re super fake and it makes girls that look like them look bad when they’re not fake at all.
man this school has so many fake tumblr girls

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