giovanni masturbator

nickname for a jovial australian male.
that’s not wes, that’s giovanni masturbator

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  • st*tcs

    acronyme. from old navy seal expeditions. st-tcs means shoot them in the c-ck suckers.

  • fickle dipped

    means f-cked up. when texting “f-cked up” on older smart phones – auto correct would change it to “fickle dipped” i’ve been drinking all day in las vegas and i’m so fickle dipped!

  • kafyton

    last name for a major f-ggot and one with this name should never be trusted, as they are most likely a school shooter. this kidis a kafyton, he should be put in a mental hospital before he hurts someone.

  • cold rice cake

    when your hittin an asian from behind while inhabiting an igloo me: hey ken, i got me sum of dat cold rice cake. ken: hittin that fo sho!

  • midsanity

    the middle of being sane and insane im not sure where my brain is in terms of sanity, so i guess i’m just suffering from midsanity.

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