Hot Dog Supreme

the act of place your p-n-s in between your partners b-tt cheeks so that it resembles a hot dog in a bun. add whatever toppings you like including relish, ketchup, sourkraut, onions (althought this might have a burning effect) etc.
my girlfriend told me she was hungry for a midnight snack so i bent her over and gave her a my own special hot dog supreme…

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    a lewd act similar to a hot carl. whereas a hot carl involves sh-tting in someone’s mouth and taping it shut, a hot wendy subst-tutes a used tampon for the fecal matter. i totally gave howe a hot wendy.

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    holy sh-t no f-cking way!!!!!!!!! matt saw the sweet hippo hat in the back of the closet and shouted “hsnfw!!!”

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