Insane Clown Pussies

a reject rap ground of f-ggy 2 dope and silent gay. they do nothing but snort faygo root beer and rap about f-cking the world and how cr-ppy their life is. also, they like to dedicate entire alb-ms to mock the success of bigger selling rappers. they kept attacking eminem because they are standing in the shadow of his fame, with their queer noses stuck right into eachother’s -sses!
i was always afraid of clowns. since the insane clown p-ss-es tried to molest me, now i can’t even leave my bedroom!
icp is short for the insane clown p-ss-es

they are a rap duo from detroit (who’s stage names are silent gay and f-ggy 2 dope), who have made themselves infamous for a number of reasons.

1) their fugly appearance
2) their fanbase of 13-year-old r-t-rds
3) the fact they’re wiggers

let’s look at these reasons in detail.

1) the insane clown p-ss-es wear face paint, a base coating of pure white all over their faces, and then their respective patterns painted on in black, sometimes with an extra color (red) to match their outfits. f-ggy 2 dope dresses like a black guy, wears his hair like a black guy, dyes his hair black so it looks like a black guys hair, and talks exactly like a black guy. nowadays, silent gay has bleached spiked hair, while f-ggy has braids.

2) their fanbase (refered to as “juggalos” for guys, and “juggalettes” for chicks) are the biggest reason this band is as hated as they are. juggalos and juggalettes are all douches… that’s what it boils down to. you can be d-mn sure that anyone who refers to themself by this term, is a total loser. juggalos will wear face paint, all day. its one thing to wear the paint for an icp event, but juggalos will walk around all day with the stuff on.

they are all incredibly defensive when it comes to the insane clown p-ss-es, which is admirable, if they didn’t have the debating skills of a head of lettuce. for an example of a juggalo’s argumentative skills, see below.

the insane clown p-ss-es started a beef with eminem because eminem asked them to play at his party, and they got mad for no reason. eminem has dissed them on their marshal mathers alb-m, put clown paint on s-x dummies and thrown them into the crowd at a sold out arena with like 50, 000 people there, and made up the name insane clown p-ss-es, silent gay, and f-ggy 2 dope. to that icp responded with the insults feminem, and slim -n-s. wow, great comebacks.

juggalos can threaten you, or say they’ll fight you on the internet and then once you see them in real life, they’ll either act like he’s your best friend, or reject a fight ’cause they know that their pathetic b-tches.

to sum it all up the insane clown p-ss-es have horrible music, they and their fans do pot, there fans are mostly 13, they are p-ss-es, they’re drop – outs, and they hate eminem because they’re dumbfounded r-t-rds.
the insane clown p-ss-es are f-ckin’ f-ggots man.

silent gay is so fat!

f-ggy 2 dope is a wigger.

f-ck juggalos.
a h-m-s-xual no talent rap metal band.that does not play instruments and calls them selvs musicians.
we are insane clown p-ss-es icp but we have no talent and we are sell outs.
the worst god d-mn duo to ever live actually not the worst there has to be a different word to use to insure everyone that icp should be killed when spotted anywhere along with that dumb-ss group twisted the only thing twisted or crossed about them is there s-xuallity. i think that icp and twisted and the juggalos or juggahoes or jugga wut ever the f-ck they are, are a discrace to life. the only reason they call the fans juggalos is because the juggle icp’s small -ss b-lls in their mouth and then juggle their c-m in their throut to swallow it.
…icp sucks (insane clown p-ss-es)
insane clown p-ss-es is a derogatory word for the band/duo the insane clown posse. the people who use the words to try and lower the band/duo reputation down or have them killed will be referred as ‘haters’.

insane clown posse is a band/duo with sh-ggy-2-dope and violent j as the singer, they play horrorcore music. they use eletric guitars and sing in rap-esque style.

haters have describe their music and duo as gay, immature, stupid, r-t-rded, songs about killing cops, and sell outs. those are some of the reasons for insane clown p-ss-es.
however, it is the haters who show their stupidity. saying their opinion is fine; however, their debating skill results in using slangs, stupidty, immaturity, cowardice, and h-m-phobia. the hater’s brains are no wiser than a bag of cr-p (seriously).

it is ok that haters decide to use the derogatory words and slangs, because it is they who show that they are incapable of any knowledge. also, they make themselves look stupid, and people laugh at them.

insane clown posse song are childish and do sing a lot about killing, but they are actually a good band/duo! they are not sell outs, for they expanded their music. i would suggest getting an alb-m or two from them. they have some pretty cool songs.

insane clown posse have juggalos and juggalettes for the fanbase, but there are also fans of their music who do not consider themselves as juggalos and juggalettes. their fanbase (non-juggalos/lettes as well) are not made up of kids who are mentally r-t-rded or 5th graders as the haters say. so, this concludes that the haters have the mind lower than someone who is mentally challenged or a 5th grader.

insane clown posse is not the greatest or most talented band/duo in the world, but they sure are fun and funny!

the haters need to learn how to grow up. just to lower and degrade myself down to their level, so they can understand: you’re the ones who are p-ss-es!!! oh yeah!
hater: oh man! i can’t believe you like insane clown p-ss-es! they’re p-ss-es!

sleez boy: whatever…

hater: they’re f-ggots, sell outs, and gay! woop woop! stupid! stooopid!

sleez boy: wow, you’re the one who is stupid because you are the one who is showing stupidity, immaturity, and h-m-phobia.

hater -looks around-

-people are laughin at the hater-

hater: you know what! go f-ck yourself! -hater runs and cries-

next day

hater: now what! i got my friends with me! where are your insane clown p-ss-es or your r-t-rds! huh? yeah! they’re f-ggots! insane clown p-ss-es! now what!

sleez boy: hey, loser -hater gives a b-tt hurt face-, i’m going to work. so, go away.

hater: no! what now!? insane clown p-ss-es?

sleez boy: you need to grow up cause you making yourself look stupid and ignorant.

-hater and 8 of his friends look around-

-people are laughing at him-

sleez boy: you sure do make fun of yourself, hahaha.

hater: f-ck you! -hater runs and cries-

-his friends disband in humiliation-


hater: okay you little f-ggot! you better start talking before i take your gay-ss out of your f-cking body! you f-cking h-m-! where’s you insane clown p-ss-es now?

sleez boy -ignores-

hater: hey h-m-! i’m talking you!

guy 1: hey! you!

hater: what?

guy 1: what did you say?

hater: nothing man.

guy 1: you know, you have a very disrespectful mouth! look at me! you thinks it’s alright to yell out words like “gay”, “f-ggot”, and “h-m-“? i’m gay! you have a problem with me? ha! i thought so?

hater: -wimps- ok, i’m sorry! fruit

guy 1: you know what? i’m gonna teach you some respect boy! i’m gonna beat your little… hey! don’t run from me! freaking p-ssy.

hater -starts crying and whining-

guy 1: yeah, what now?

sleez -walks to work-

-hater starts screaming as he gets the beating of his lifetime-

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