International Birdman Assosiation

an addictive game!

rules of the international birdman -ssosiation:

1) if a player looks at another player who is in birdman position, that player must lie down on the ground, flat on his or her back, regardless of the location, situation, or any inconveniences.

2) if a player throws the block sign in the air before looking at another player who is in birdman position, he or she has successfully blocked the birdman attempt, and does not have to lie down on the ground.

3) if player a watches player b get into birdman position with the intentions of birdmanning player a, player a does not have to lie down on the ground.

4) any player who refuses to go to the ground after a successful birdman will be suspended from play indefinitely. multiple penalities will lead to expulsion from the game for life.

5) any player who abuses the block or wrongfully claims a block will be suspended indefinitely. multiple penalities will lead to expulsion from the game for life.

6) any birdman appearing online, on paper, in video, through text message/im, or drawing is valid. failure to accept such methods of birdman will not be tolerated.

7) when two people birdman each other simultaneously, both will cancel out and n-body goes down. we call this the “forget and move on” policy.

8) when 2 people birdman 1 person who is already in birdman position, the 1 person must go down once (same goes for 3 v 2, 4 v 3, etc. attacks).

9) when a driver is birdmanned, he must get down at the first possible stop.

10) when a person looks at himself in birdman position in the mirror or at his own birdman drawing, he must get down. this is referred to as “suicide.”

11) peripharals (periphs) are legal if used honestly to detect an attack. abuse of periphs will result in banishment from the game.

12) the right to birdman shall not be denied on the basis of race, skin color, gender, or age.

13) abuse of the game in inconvenient situations is prohibited.
the international birdman -ssosiation had a meeting today, and by the end, everyone kept the block symbol up, cause everyone had to go to the groud atleast twice!

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