it’s not you it’s meme

a way you can say it’s not you it’s me to someone but sound like a c-nt doing it. also a wacky zany meme page on facebook
hey, i’m gonna need to break up with you, it’s not you it’s meme.

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  • p*rn night

    a night of the week where it is a mutual, but indirect, agreement where a group of people all decide to look at and post p-rn, whether it be for humor or not. “i wonder what night of the week will be p-rn night.” “last time i checked, it was sunday.”

  • spengolio

    a rough way of saying i love you hey spengolio 😏

  • sucking meat

    sucking on a p-n-s or eating a p-n-s while sucking sucking meat that guy has got the biggest meat ever. i sucked the meat last night. do like the meat?

  • kylijah

    is a big cheating -sshole cheats on every girl he gets is a jerk that will never mean anything me: omg my boyfriend cheated on me friend: must be a real kylijah

  • lululemonade

    when an obese woman is trying to exercise in lululemon pants and it creates a giant wet stain down the crack of her -ss. “this 300lb woman was in front of me at the gym stretching and i noticed her -ss sweating so much she had lululemonade!”

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