Jandra Family

a collection of generous, caring, and overall wonderful people
-i’m not feeling very good today.
-go visit the jandra family and that will change!

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  • maryland milkshake

    taking a large gl-ss and filling it with a mixture of sh-t and s-m-n, usually topped off with whipped cream and a cherry. serve chilled. ayo n-gg- i swapped jasean’s wendy’s frosty with a maryland milkshake and he threw up all over my new bathin apes.

  • janey mac

    janey mac is widely used in ireland as a euphemism for jesus christ, to avoid taking his name in vain. see also: jakers and james’s street. janey mac, what the h-ll were you thinking? wow! an exclamation usually used with ‘good golly, miss mollie…’ good golly, miss mollie and janey mac!

  • stressorexia

    it’s a form of anorexia that you don’t intentionally induce. it is a result of the people and things going on around you that cause a lack of appet-te and result in a habit you did not necessarily intend on. today was so stressful, my stressorexia was in full fledge. i could not bare to […]

  • janit

    1. to clean 2. what a janitor does for a living no michael, you cannot play outside until you janit your room.

  • mexican felecia

    the act of drinking a full bottle of laxative then spraying your partner with ‘brown glory’ painting a silhouette of them on a wall. dude i just drank a 32oz. bottle of -n-l eruption. i’ll be back, i’m gonna give your mom and mexican felecia.

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