Kira Yamato

kira yamato is the civilian who soon becomes the pilot of the gat-x105 strike gundam. he is not afraid to cry, risks things too much, and isn’t afraid of scr-w-ng up. later, he becomes the pilot of the legendary freedom gundam, and defies all laws of physics to save the day. he then gets the cr-p beaten out of him by shinn asuka. he later pilots an awesome gundam which doesn’t add up to laws of gravity, physics, or plain common sense: the strike-freedom.
kira was always risking things, and he always cried. but he was a nice guy!
hottest charry of all time. really, a angst char that goes though rough times. also goes into a mode called seed or berserker mode.
kira yamato from gundam seed is very angsty
a douche bag gundam pilot who should really end himself.
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douche bag


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