Loss Prevention Officer

also known as lpo, typically work for retail stores, specializing in the recovery of merchandise and the apprehension of the shoplifter. typically dressed in plain clothes to blend in as a shopper. lpo’s use cctv, floor observations, and 2-way windows to view the shoplifters in action.
d-mn, i now have a misdemeanor on my record for life, because that d-mn loss prevention officer arrested me over some dice!

the most awesome job in the world. an lpo typically spends two shifts of four hours a day walking around a high-end retail store, like target, to spot shoplifters in the act and recover stolen merchandise.
f-ck man, i got arrested for shoplifting because of target’s new loss prevention officer.
a professional, human resources, or politically correct version of a term used to refer to a security guard or rent-a-cop for a retail or department store.
“i just got hired to be target’s new loss prevention officer!”
“you know that’s just a security guard position right?”
“f-ck! i thought it was a real job.”

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