Louisiana Lobster Tail

a delicious seafood creation any young lady will enjoy. first you have s-x with your lady while she is on her period. make sure to plug the v-g-n- vigorously as to maximize the amount of blood flow from the v-g-n-. then pull out and allow the blood to dry for approx 10-15 minutes. by now your weiner will have gone flacid again. now, get an erection again the dried blood will crack throughout your p-n-s shaft looking like a “lobster tail”. finally have your girl whip out a seafood neck napkin and start sucking down on this delicious cajan treat.
susie: is tonight really seafood night???

dave: sure f-ck-ng is!

susie: good thing i’m on my period!!!

dave: that was great, give me 10-15 minutes and i’ll have this louisiana lobster tail ready for you.

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