love plagiarist

some who loves something more for the people that -ssociate with liking it, rather than the thing itself, and in most cases has only superficial knowledge of the subject at hand.

christians who never read the bible and kim kardashian fans fall into this category.

antonyms: hater, hipster.
synonyms: poser
harry potter fan: hey, did you know j. k. rowling just released a whole website filled with hogwarths lore?!
plagiarist: really? awesome! can’t wait to see the next movie…
hp fan: um, they kinda closed the chapter on those with the last movie, but i suppose if rowling releases her next book… maybe?
plagiarist: awesome, can’t wait! harry and hermione make such a cute couple!
hp fan: okay, that does it! did you really read the books or watched even a single movie?
plagiarist: okay, you got me, i just liked the tumblr memes ._.)
hp fan: i love you, but you’re such a love plagiarist.

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