mercy fuck

f-cking someone you really don’t want to but you do it anyhow because you don’t want to hurt their feelings.
even though i didn’t like her i mercy f-cked her so she wouldn’t feel bad
f-cking someone because you feel deeply sorry for them. meaning has also extended to include f-cking because you feel sorry for yourself. could be the perfect present for someone trekking the sahara.
– so you mercyf-cked jody?
– yeah, she’s a munter and i had to have the lights out but she was so d-mn grateful, it was kinda cute.
the recipient of s-x given to him/her by someone who would normally consider that person beneath him/her, or otherwise s-xually undesirable.
in woody allen’s movie celebrity, the kenneth branagh character gets tossed a mercy f-ck by the starlet played by melanie griffith; they both knew there would be no second act, that it was a unique occurrence.

if someone hot wanted to go to bed with you, and you thought they were just doing it as a mercy f-ck, would you go ahead and enjoy it, or would pride get in the way?

there is very little difference between a mercy f-ck and a pity f-ck, but they are not the same as a sympathy f-ck, which has more to do with make-up s-x. mercy f-ck is more like winning the s-x lottery.
having intercourse with another person that is very willing when you are very not interested. mostly term used between gay men when a good looking gay man will show “mercy” and “f-ck” an ugly man.
aslo applied to men and women.
sam: man, karla is leaving his week to live in texas.

mark: you should hook her up and give her a mercy f-ck. i heard she gives a good pepper shaker.
the s-x you give your partner when they are looking & feeling pathetic.
he had had such a bad week and i was really tired but i gave him a mercy f-ck to cheer him up.
the act of forced intercourse for the sparing of life or dignity. usually performed in crisis times by an uncontrollable male on a pleading b-tch.
there were mercy f-cks, there was blood
oh you shoula been there by my side.

i offered her the option of a mercy f-ck instead of execution in order to spare her life.

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