michigan ham sandwich

a disgusting yet extremely arousing s-x act in which an individual places slices of ham between their b-ttcheeks and has their s-xual partner eat all of the ham. for it to be a true michigan ham sandwich, there must be atleast 4 thick slices of ham between the cheeks.

alt: michigan ham sandwich on pumpernickel

the same process as before, but the ham-holder is of african descent, thus giving the appearance of ham slices between pumpernickel bread.
“man, i was just jerkin’ mah gerkin’ when susie came over. already extremely h-rny, my d-ck reached maximum size when she preformed a michigan ham sandwich.

“eyyo maen, me ands sharkeliquaiea was f-ckin’ yezerday, and she ot’ some ham out of da frigg, ya know? she did the michigan ham sandwich on pumpernickel n-gg-! i’z gotz some sh-t on my tongue, boi.”

“yeah girl, i was with jake the other day, and i really wanted to get intimate, you know? and he did the michigan ham sandwich. i would imagine it would have tasted delicious if i wasn’t constantly smelling his sweaty taint.”

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