morning crust

the stuff on your eyelid when you wake up
person 1:i was soo tired this morning

person 2: yea man i see you still have your morning crust on your eyes!
the foul remnants of a drool-ridden sleep, or the substance located at the medial corner of the eye. morning crust can be found dotted around your lips, chin or cheeks after waking up from a good to excellent sleep or nap. morning crust can also be discovered in the eyes, a small white build up of salt and water from your tear ducts can develop, thus leaving you with “crusty eyes.”
“yo, bill…you’ve got some mad morning crust in and around your mouth”
“oh thanks john, you saved me some embarr-ssment, i hate morning crust”
when you spend all night buying pay-per-view p-rnos and rub the pope all night long. you eventually p-ss out and in the morning when you wake up your sheets are all crusty from your spooge.
guy 1: hey man what’s going on?
guy 2: oh, you know, putting clean sheets on, dusting the mattress.
guy 1: that’s bullsh-t you spent all night jerkin it and now you have morning crust.

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