niall lankford

a g-y boy
that boy is such a niall lankford

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  • shake her noggin

    when you shake a girls head furiously on your d-ck or while she’s sucking it j: yo, did you shake her noggin last night d: h-ll yeah j: d-mnn could she breath

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    a s-xual midget who loves to get down and dirty with anybody man or woman. if your drug dealer well then you already met a t.j. also for the future never take away his s-x toys or you’ll be hunted and raped then killed. guy:omg it’s a tim junoir girl:no way i’ll pay 50$ for […]

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    a term used to describe the occasion when someone says something casual in conversation that came off as arrogant, whethet intentional or not bro steph said i have nice eyebrows odd boast bro

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    when a stripper collects money from fellow men who stick their tips in her bra cup following her s-xual routine is cupping tips. mary was one of the best pole dancers at get it on! stripclub and received hefty cupping tips from frequent male clubgoers.

  • distrapp

    any one of many apps that people use to distract themselves from something they truly need to do. kenny thought it was awesome that he had figured a way to line up all his musical idols against big b–by b list celebrities in the new chessty app for a match until his boss caught him […]

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